An Invite, To Eternity Poem by John Clare

An Invite, To Eternity

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Wilt thou go with me, sweet maid,
Say, maiden, wilt thou go with me
Through the valley-depths of shade,
Of night and dark obscurity;
Where the path has lost its way,
Where the sun forgets the day,
Where there's nor life nor light to see,
Sweet maiden, wilt thou go with me!

Where stones will turn to flooding streams,
Where plains will rise like ocean waves,
Where life will fade like visioned dreams
And mountains darken into caves,
Say, maiden, wilt thou go with me
Through this sad non-identity,
Where parents live and are forgot,
And sisters live and know us not!

Say, maiden; wilt thou go with me
In this strange death of life to be,
To live in death and be the same,
Without this life or home or name,
At once to be and not to be -
That was and is not -yet to see
Things pass like shadows, and the sky
Above, below, around us lie?

John Richter 05 August 2015

If by some miraculous act of God I should ever find my soul mate, who remains obscured from me in her esoteric ways, I should think these will be the perfect first words of my voice to fall upon her ears

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Jen M 09 September 2012

vampires most of this poem hints on death being life still where the sun forgets the day no life nor light to see to live in death and be the same at once to be and not to be can thy life be led to join the living with the dead were wed to one eternity

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Judith Davies-webb 27 August 2007

This is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read by without a doubt the greatest British poet.

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Weston Treece 11 February 2005

This poem perfectly describes the experience of anyone who has had a love that thorugh circumstances, could not be fully shown by one to another.

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John Clare

John Clare

Northamptonshire / England
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