And She Said "Yes" (Dedicated To Chioma And Davido) Poem by Raimi Babatunde

And She Said "Yes" (Dedicated To Chioma And Davido)

Today is the day
The tomorrow we desired yesterday
The stage is set
The die is cast
I have never been too sure
Like I am with this right now
Of a truth, "Oh yes", God answers prayers
#ChiVido2020, Assurance

It was a very long search
Severally I missed it
But it was all worth it
Patience, a very arduous virtue
A gift to the meek
Many came and went
But with you my love, "I die there"
Today, the best day of my life

For suddenly, it happened
It started as a joke
Friends turned lovers
They didn't see it
It will end before it starts
But YOU the all knowing
Made it happen in your time

Again, today, I walk the talk
With my goons
But this time around
Keyboards and microphones
To possess my possession
The perfect fit to my misfit
That I may eat from your pot for life

For years they mocked us
They asked "When will it happen"
Like a Vulture awaits a dying child
That she may prey on it
They waited for our shame
But you turned it to fame
Turned my tears to cheers
"Na God get power oh"

They called you names
Asked you questions
When I already gave assurance
When will you marry?
Your biological clock is ticking
But you were calm
Told them "que cera cera"

While they mocked
We knelt and prayed
They thought we weredown
Until we stood up and said "Amen"
It is better to marry early
But best to marry right

Today, it is a story
With this ring I have been waiting
No more late night outings
No more late night booze
I am now a crossed check
Account payee only
Forever, I'll worship in your altar

Today, is the day
Tonight is the night
Vision #ChiVido2020 loading
We begin our journey
And raise a generation
It started as friendship
They thought it was a game
Today, they all here as witnesses
Beautiful ending to a rocky story

I can't believe this!
After years of waiting and searching
I am finally walking the aisle
With my friend, the love of my life
No more "Mama Put"
No more flirty calls
I surrender all!

All I am, all I will be
Is just for you and you
For better for best
Till death do us part
Can I kiss my Jewel now?
This is a true life story
The story of "Yes I do"
And she said "Yeeeeeesssss! "

Friday, September 13, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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