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Take me back to yesterday
When holiness trumped prosperity
When churches won souls
Not the craze for numbers and money

Alone in the sands
The fields was yellow
It lost its greenery
What could have happened?

Oh! Africa!
Let me tell you
About my dearest Africa
The cradle of human civilization

Time is a commodity
Short in supply
I can't wait anylonger
That's why I want to worship


My love for you,
Like a candle that doesn't loose its flame
Despite the breeze of trials blown.


May today bring you dews
Dews raining with favour
That will culminate in turnarounds

She saved my line with "Mugu"
And you said it means "Darling"
You never have data
Yet, you are always

A Poem: Stop Female Genital Mutilation

I watched the cut
Blood flowed freely

You are not a mother
Yet you mock a mother
Who chose motherhood
Instead of being a muderer


My pretty daughter
My joy, my companion
My heartbeat, my pride
My gist partner, my advisor

I was nyctophobic
Until I met you
The atmosphere became astraphobic
Suddenly, my head became ligyrophobic

Let us sail together and navigate our path
the storms may be rough, but we'll survive
Promise you'll stay till the end.

I see a flicker of hope
tainted with clouds of darkness
but I also see stars emerging in a country
so rich, yet so poor.

Divided by philosophical walls
Torn by the dictates of tradition
Schooled in the art of tribalism and hate
Tell me, who are we?

Timing is everything
When it's your time
Don't think, just do it.

In your arms,
I am alive;
in tomorrow's world.

Africa, my great Africa
A great continent
Inhabited by great people
With great potentials

It's a different feeling
When you find a wife
You just have to hang your boots
Especially when she is fearfully blessed

One thing led to another
This is not just a regular line
Only legends can understand
The kissing led to the unhooking

I am a proud Fulani
Our culture is our heritage
When you loose your culture
You loose your life

The Best Poem Of Raimi Babatunde

Take Me Back To Yesterday

Take me back to yesterday
When holiness trumped prosperity
When churches won souls
Not the craze for numbers and money

Take me back to yesterday
When we taught moral instructions
Where teachers were models
Not paedophiles and opportunists
How I so miss yesterday!

Take me back to yesterday
When girls covered up
Knelt to greet Elders
Fetched from the stream
Where sex before marriage was a taboo

Today, celebrities project immoralities
Singers praise corrupt persons
Officers collect bribes
Contracts and admission are for highest bidders
Please take me to yesterday

Take me back to yesterday
When men married women
Women married men
Where we raised respectable boys and girls
Not sadomasochists and sadists

Take me back to yesterday
Where politicians served us
We looked up to them
Today, the table is turned
But from the beginning;
It was not so

Take me back to yesterday
Where we rubbed organic
You call it Coconut oil
I call it "Adi Agbon"
Where we wore "Shuku" in all shades
And adorned in beautiful beads

I miss yesterday
Hence my poetic pen drips
If you miss yesterday
Come ride with me
Let's go back to yesterday
That we may better our tomorrow

Babatunde Raimi
Author/Life Coach/Poet

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Bello micheal 16 July 2020

Perfecto. Love it

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Bello micheal 16 July 2020

Such a nice poem from a poet’s pen.

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Igwe Benevolent 13 May 2020

Fascinating poems sir.

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Raimi Babatunde Quotes

Corruption, Africa's greatest challenge

Do not allow your degree degrade you. Settle into any legal job that empowers you regardless of its nature. Babatunde Raimi (2019)

If your children don't see you as their role model, check yourself

They come in a season, trust me it is for a reason.

Don't take decisions on sentiments, you'll bite your fingers.

Before you get married, check your checklist

If love was enough to get married, we'll have lesser divorce and single parents today.

Singleness is not a curse but a phase to be enjoyed. It is a time to make mistakes and discover the you in you.

Marriage is life a divine institution. It is not a competition of any sort. Don't submit to marital pressure.

True legends never die, they translate because their legacies echoes till eternity to the benefit of mankind. They are forever remembered, quoted and eulogised.

In Africa, we are been mis-schooled. Education without a skill is like a farmer without tools.

Retirement planning starts from your first income, not a few years to retirement.

One day, your children will ask you why? Are you ready for tomorrow? It suddenly comes.

Without God, I am worthlessly worthless.

The best way to slay is to imprint your name on the sands of time with pens of diamond.

Laziness is a curse.

Have a meeting with yourself, are you where you are supposed to be?

Go to school, learn a skill and get a life. A school does not have to be formal.

That you fathered a child does not make you a father.

If you want to be really blessed, never forget the vehicle you rode.

Africa, the only place where civil servants are paid to look busy...

If I die poor, God will punish me

It is good to marry early, but it is best to marry right.

Only weak people allow themselves to be pressured into marriage.

The sudden increase on single motherhood can also be traced to irresponsible partners.

Only you can liberate yourself from the oppressions of poverty

With your children, leas from the front

It is good to marry early, but it is best to marry right.

It is good to marry early, but it is best to marry right.

When an overripe mango remains on a tree, it becomes a subject of mockery...

My fear for Africa is not corruption, but that we are fast loosing our culture for which our values that defines us were foundated upon.

To pull Africa out of her economic, social and political doldrums, we need to invest in educating our people. We need to teach our people their rights, duties and obligations and thereafter harness new and existing human resource to pull her out of an imminent depression and second slavely.

Whereas music awakens your mind, poetry permeates your soul.

Poetry is to the soul what 'good' music is to mind.

Poetry is a bridge that connects me to you; you to me and us to the world. Babs.

When I lost my fear, I found purpose.

Sometimes, just sometimes when God wants to bless a union, HE makes one of them a Poet.

When you explore your creative mind, there will no limit to what you can achieve.

Virginity is good; good character is best...

Life is good. Just forget your worries and laugh them off...

What we call African time is foolish man's time. Time is not money, time is life. When you waste time, you are not wasting money, you are wasting life.

Pay the price now, they will work for you later.

The greatest love is sacrifice

If you don't have a life insurance, you have a major investment missing in your investment portfolio

My greatest motivation is on living before I leave. Babatunde Raimi (January,2021)

You can miss your mark and still hit your mark. Just stay focused and disciplined.

By all means, if you are in love with another from another tribe, get married. Don't deny your generation the beauty of diversity and multi-culturalism.

Break away from the bitter diatribes and wars between tribal, cultural, religious and political lines. That is the worst prison you can be caged in; a prison of your own creation.

It is easy to give birth to 99 children, but the probability of having a successor is like playing in a world football cup final.

Sex is not enough to get married.

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