Pearl Poem by Raimi Babatunde


My pretty daughter
My joy, my companion
My heartbeat, my pride
My gist partner, my advisor
"Sosongo Abasi"
When you have your first
Pray it is girl, like my Pearl

When you came forth
All the pains vanished
Like a vapour they vaporized
Nothing else mattered
The Sun stopped at your birth
The birds sang in obeisance
Then you let out your first cry

I will cross the ocean for you
I will protect you with my everything
I will be your friend, your mother
I will be the repository of your thoughts
Just be calm and studious
Blaze trails and make us proud
And let me be your number one fan

As the dawn breaks
I look at you as you grow
I can just but thank "The All Knowing"
Who blessed me with a Pearl
This I'll treasure till fade
As we paddle our canoe together
And this is our story...

Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: kids
Yusuf Kabirat Titilayo 18 November 2019

Awwn! What a lovely poem. Love of a parent towards their wards can't be compared. Thanks for posting. You can also read and comment on my poem BEYOND WORD. Thanks

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Tosin Adesokan 14 November 2019

What a lovely poem.... You can read my poem UNWRITTEN WORDS

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Angel Ekuri 22 October 2019

Awwwn Such a lovely piece. More grace Mr Babz True love of a mother for her daughter.

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