Anger And Patience Poem by Patti Masterman

Anger And Patience

Rating: 2.8

Any time I don't understand something
Or feel unhappy with the way things are going,
Anger steps up, 'use me; let me help'
And I used to give Anger a lot of free rein,
Till I noticed Anger wasn't all that useful
And generally tended to only make things worse.

Now I try to rely more on 'Patience'
As Patience doesn't keep clicking that counter,
Adding up every resentment of the hour.
Besides, I can look straight into Patience's face
And not have one clue what Patience is thinking of.
You know, Anger could learn something from that.

Booklover Tv Lounger 07 March 2010

Lovely work. Anger is unlimited, but not something worth having. While patience is needed, but less in amount. Great job. -SJD

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John Oconnell 22 February 2010

i try to practice the Dutch virtues of tolerance and patience but sometimes that inherited Irish anger gets in the way. a goed poem which i understand well. thank you for the articulation! john

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 27 January 2010

very true lines.the last two says a lot...patience face gives no clue right....even being patient some play dirty games...anger with its agility looses even it is true

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Carol Gall 25 January 2010

yup anger brings more anger if u find patience lend me some

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Aira Olayvar 21 January 2010

Certainly! Knowing the difference between anger and patience is of great power my friend. Anger kills while patience requires love, and if that love exist in one’s heart… it gives life.

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