Animals Rights Poem by Atef Ayadi

Animals Rights

we are all animals after all,
a particular one that eats anything and everything!
that smokes anything and everywhere! ! !
that drinks and sniff every buff, pea, and every cloud?
blows up anything and anywhere?
we do it with spontaneity
with intention,
in ritual,
in a party club.
we love kids, cubs, caffs, cuteness, and high rated stuff.
we love some animals for status, and my loneliness and loveliness of britney related yahoo news staff.
we present ourselves from the highest moral ground, and when that ground falls apart, we get to a furious
ferocious and heavy duty fight.
we are chimps after all and few are bonobos,
with artificial eye lashes, and new range of fake eyebrows.
we put stuff to inflate some parts, and deflate other parts.
we awaken,
we the band,
we the sleeping giants,
we in christ's body,
until we bla bla bla,
rapping all day long and bee gees all nigh long,
does not change the fact that we
loosing it.
we lost the physical and physicality,
touching the organic and the minerals,
jumping in the physical void to initiate
ancient spirituality.
we become artificial, mutants, and mute
about nightmare-ish things,
comfortably confused,
axioms and axiomatic scripts followers and fighters.
a true science is that which clears away all the past illusions, some one said, it could be alan watts, elon musk, or it is just me plain and simple.
i did not find a rythm to illusion, so
i pinned it there for now,
as a final summary or
an inclusive conclusion,
as a final note to those who are stuck in civilization,
ass-ange has to be saved asap.
he is an animal to be rescued and saved as well.
i am sure yo all think weed first and ass ange second.
freedom of choice?
yo can hibernate in there,
or just marinade it.
or just marinade it while yo hibernate in your cozy jacuzzi sarkosy home sweat home.

Animals Rights
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