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Answers - Poem by Leaking Pen

I don't have all the answers
But the ones I do have are priceless.
I seek them for my daily bread,
Other times I just let myself be.
I do know some basic facts…
They anchor my footings in this short life.
Like the Sun always rises from the East,
And gives the moon its shine from its burning desires.
I might fall prey to four unpredictable seasons,
I cry when I hear a break-up song.
I love my family unconditionally.
I respect God; I don't second or third guess him,
I let Him be too. I don't curse God when thing in my life go wrong,
He has his reasons and I need to complete my journey.
These cornerstones hold my life together.
They allow me to sail through life's ups and downs.
I don't fuss about the size of my bank account either,
Whether it overflowing like Niagara Falls
Or if it is like a tiny creek fighting its way through a dense rooted forest.
I just live one day at time and I thank God each morning
When I open m eyes from each night's deep sleep.
And yes I do follow the Golden Rule
I respect my fellow Man,
If I'm shown the middle finger by intention or mistake,
I pretend it is their way to remind my busy day
Where my caring creator resides- in heaven -and at end of the day
All will be just fine and to be thankful for this wake up call
And It is the devil-not I or them-that is tormented.
And if I hear a shout or two or witness a quarrel or two,
I pretend it's a Hallelujah choir warming up, or just artistic temperament
And that too shall pass to achieve a harmonic tone.
And if lack of smiles frame my wintry days,
I bite into a tablet of sweet dark chocolate and how simple is that!
Life is simple…
Life is sweet
Life is beautiful
I am alive,
And that is my daily thanksgiving.

Feb 5 2012
Copyright Leaking Pen 2012
Rev Nov 2 2014

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