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Answers For Sean Skinner - Poem by Don Nguyen

(1) How do you typically react to dramatic changes in your life?

Dramatic changes in my life often brought the best out of me by surrendering my life to God. Everything happens is according to His will for I have dedicated my (daily) life to Him. I come before Him in front of the church altar to pray and seek comfort.

(2) What inhibitions might stop you from pursuing something you want?

The only criterion I lean on is whether or not a certain pursuit brings me close to God or away from Him. I will not sacrifice my oneness with God for anything in this world.

(3) How often do you feel content and fulfilled?

I feel content and fulfilled most of times; if not, I believe it is Divine will for me to suffer for His design or noble purpose. I just suffer and it will pass. I am also discontent if I commit a sin; being close to God, even little sin becomes large.

(4/5) What do you believe love to be? Have you been in love?

I believe true love is to put other person's interest first especially her or his soul before your own interest. To me, soul's matter matters most. Sentimental love is secondary to spiritual love.

(6) What do you think about the concept of a 'soul mate'?

I believe each faithful soul has a soul mate for him or her. If a soul is unfaithful to God intentionally, he chooses his own mate and suffer consequence for his decision for his mate is not ordained by God. If he does not know God, a soul mate can be picked for him if he is basically a good person. For some, soul mate can be God himself if he chooses to be celibate.

(7) On average, how long does it take you to realize that you're attracted to someone on more than just a physical level?

For Madeleine, it took me one week, but it is not typical for me; I need a lot of contact to measure the depth of a person's soul and devotion to God even I always assume the best for people. I usually don't want to get close to people. With my wife it took me months to fall in love. Romantic attraction is a sin for a married man, so I try to avoid it, therefore, I don't have much experience here. I think you need several meaningful conversations, and you know you are attracted to her if you keep rehearse your conversation or encounter with her when you are alone.

(8) What could keep you up at three in the morning?

Are you a psychic? How do you know I am up at 3am? I am up at 3 am to pray because that is the holiest time of a day, the hour the Lord Jesus died on the Cross.

(9/10/11/12) What memory brings back feelings of sadness or sorrow the most? Anger or frustration? Regret or remorse? Happiness or pride?

Deep sadness has to be related to hurting someone; anger or frustration relates to the gravest sin I committed; Regret or remorse when I fail the Lord due to human weakness or temptation; Happiness is when I make someone happy; pride is suppressed quickly, so there is no lingering effect.

(13) How do you like to show affection?

I like to give others a hug, squeeze him or her or look them in their eyes deeply.

(14) How do you relieve stress or pressure?

Drink a glass of wine, and another glass, and another glass.: -)

(15/16) What's the most adventurous thing that you dream of doing? That you have done?

Most adventurous thing? I don't have any, maybe coming to America from Vietnam. I try to avoid adventures especially emotional one. Inner peace is very important to me, highly valued and protected.

(17/18) Which type of city appeals to you the most: Rural, Suburban, or Metropolis? Why?

Rural as I love natures.

(19) If you were alone in a room with a stranger for an hour, what would you want them to think about you when you left?

He just met a man of God, and his religious conversation was not boring at all.

(20) What's your biggest bodily insecurity?

Private, sorry, and I have many. After getting married, it is downhill for me in term of look. I usually look like a typical poet, a mess, with messy hair but ladies see beyond all that mess. I tend to think they are attracted by Christ's aura shone through me.

(21) Do you consciously live by a mantra or saying?

No mantra, but I constantly pray through the day with quick short prayers such as, ' Lord Jesus, I love you, may I offer you my cross.' or ' My Lord, my Love', etc.

(22) What inspires you creatively?

My love for Jesus Christ my Lord.

(23) What's the biggest thing you want to have accomplished in the next five years?

Deeper love for Christ and bring more people to love Him as much as I do.

(24/25) What happened the first time you got drunk? Do you remember the experience positively or negatively?

I fist got drunk in my senior year in high school, got big bruise on my head. A positive experience because it makes me smile whenever I think of it.

(26) What was the biggest mistake you made in the past year?

The biggest mistake is the past year? I don't remember as I have very short memory by training. Biggest mistake or biggest sin have to be watching a revealing sexual scene in certain movies.

(27) What is your greatest mental fear?

I make someone falling away from his/her faith.

(28) What's something you currently feel very strongly about?


(29) What's something you pretend to feel very strongly about?

I don't pretend.

(30) When faced with conflict, are you generally more passive or active?

Active if it benefits someone spiritually. passive if there is different opinion, no point to argue.

(31/32) Who is the most important person in your life? Why?

Jesus Christ my Lord, then my wife. Answers for the whys are obvious.

(33/34) Who do you think the most important person in your life will be in five years? Why?

My Lord Jesus.

(35) It's the weekend and you're going out. Who are you with, where are you going, and what are you wearing?


(36) Who is your favorite fictional character?

Used to be Superman.

(37) What's your greatest vice?

Controlling my temper.

(38) In what situations would you absolutely lie?

If the truth hurts someone. But I very seldom have to do that.

(39) Name your top 3 favorite bands. What is the biggest thing they have in common?

Chris Spheeris, Frederic Delarue, and Ernesto Cortazar; common is soft relaxing instrumental music.

(40) What song is 'your song'?

'Live like that' by Sidewalk Prophets.

(41) What is the perfect romantic date to you?

Humanly it was so long ago, I don't remember, it probably has to be the time I visited my girlfriend in her dorm as at that moment I fell in love with her who later became my wife.
Now the perfect romantic date when I receive my Lord in Holy Communion at church for I love Him so much.

(42) What do you think is your absolute best non-physical feature?

I can bring the love of Christ out from the depth of their souls.

(43) How do you feel about people who are certain that they are superior to everyone else around them?

I don't care for proud people. There is no wisdom in proud people for the Holy Spirit flees from them. I hate pride.

(44) How often do you feel superior to everyone else around you?

Very rare, and my prideful moment always follows with much deep sorrow.

(45) What is your opinion on casual sex?

Mortal sin which kills a soul.

(46) How would you describe your sense of humor?

I can make people laugh and think deeply the same time usually by making a fool of love out of myself.

(47) What do you daydream about?

My Lord Jesus.

(48) What is the biggest misconception that people believe about you?

That I am a holy person.

(49/50) What would you do with an hour of spare time? What about a whole spare day?

For about one month already, I write poetry for hours of spare time. Not long ago, I used to read spiritual books or praying. For the whole day, not sure, as my wife always has 'honey-to-do list' for me.

(51) What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you recently?

When my Madeleine sent me her first message which I didn't expect. Sweet but too...

(52) What's the worst thing you could to someone you very much dislike?

Ignore him.
(53) What's your ideal profession?
What I currently have, a scientist. But if I could live my life over again, I would be a priest.

(54) What's the craziest thing you would do for love?

Knocking at her door 2 am in the morning. The crazies thing I would do for love is to talk about loving Christ with my eyes full of tears. People always think I am strange at first but later on they love Him too.

(55) What possessions do you try to have with you at all times?

The pix that I use to bring Communion to elders in nursing homes, one spiritual book and Thesaurus.

(56a/56b) What qualities do you hate in other people? What qualities to you enjoy?

I hate pride; I love humility.
(57) What style of art do you enjoy the most? (i.e. Idealism, Realism, Romanticism)

Romanticism. Combination of Spiritual Romanticism is the best.

(58) What the most personal thing about you that you're willing to share?

I am shy.
In five years, what do you think you will value more:
(59) A very close romantic relationship, or several close friendships?

More romantic relationship with my wife and deeper love for Christ.

(60) Professional success, or a sense of ambition?
I have a great career but don't pay too much attention to it any longer, and there is no ambition.

(61) Domestic stability, or sexual satisfaction?
Domestic stability as I have enough sexual satisfaction I can handle!
(62) Connections to your family, or an independent life?
A healthy balance between connection with family and private intimate life with God.
Give me your best interpretation of the following semi-cryptic phrases. Try thinking about each one for at least thirty seconds before answering.
(63) 'A generation that is never being, but always becoming.' Foolish selfish generation?
(64) 'My land is full of mystique, more than I can know. But it is mine nonetheless, and I must not show.' Too selfish, insecure person?
(65) 'The face I can't take off is the one that only two can see. Myself, of course, the first. The second's blind to me.' A pretender? Soul searching is needed?
(66) 'Take in a breath, hold it tight so it won't leak. Don't get caught in a sigh, a whisper, or bother to speak.' Too cautious person, opposite of myself?
(67) 'Write a legacy in one forgiving mind, or at the very least on the entire earth.' Unique soul? No Clue.

Here you have it, Sean Skinner!
Thanks for asking.

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