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Ants - Poem by Jerry Behr Number 2

At night it becomes more obvious, someone then can see the ant trails.
One trail starts on the M5, a ribbon of steel of ants, trucks nose to tail.
Bedecked with Christmas lights, eighteen wheelers carrying shipping containers.
Aluminium containers filled to the brim with imported goods, it's the ant's meal.
Sugar cubes hauled by eighteen wheeler ants, creating a ribbon of steel.

The ants first start their journey out of the M5 East Tunnels and start their trail.
Carrying their sugar cubes of imports, and head southward through Campbelltown.
Into Bargo through Mittagong going beyond Goulburn deep south into Australia.
The ants deposit their sugar cubes in all towns south along their trail.
This is for future colonies of ants to have meals along their way, so colonies wont fail.

Sydney had local factories so that Australia could make it's own products.
However, the ants marched into Millperra, Moorebank, Liverpool and other places.
Emaciating and tearing these factories to pieces, and driving all the inhabitants out.
The ants turn these once humming factories, filled with people, working and life.
Into warehouses filled with imported sugar cubes, parking containers, which is rife.

The local Australian inhabitants who were driven out of their working lands,
Became very worried and afraid, because they started to realise something.
Sydney is honey combed and criss-crossed with tunnels, the M5 is one.
The ants dug tunnels in the Sydney CBD, they dug a tunnel across the city.
They even dug a tunnel under Sydney harbour, there is more to come, ants have no pity.

There are other factories, these are located in Canberra, the ants leave them alone.
One is the Propaganda Manufactures, another is an allied industry, a rubber factory
Called the Australian Bureau Of Statistics, making rubber products.
The Australian Bureau Of Statistics have a rubber product called 'Twisties, ' they form.
The Propaganda Co. love 'Twisties, ' which they could twist way out of the norm.

One twisty product says that unemployment is only 5.2%, which is marvelous.
The Propaganda Co of Canberra were ecstatic, used it straight away in order to tell the
Australian inhabitants not to be afraid of the ants marching across Australia.
Propaganda Co used their products, Micro-Macro economics, used and fused
Together with Industrial Labour Reforms, which are terrifyingly terrific when used.

However, the inhabitance of Redfern and Maquarie Fields
Look around their industrial wastelands, ravaged by the 'import ants.'
Do not believe in the Propaganda manufacturers of Canberra, nor the Statistical Co.
With their 'Twisty' products which are made to subdue the local inhabitance,
Even though the local people are suffering, the Propaganda Co. insures no resistance.

Mind, ants just don't work night time only, oh no, they work 24/7, their 18 wheels
Trundling down the Hume Highway weaving amongst the cars.
Terrified cars sometimes come across the huge Double-Bogey ants with 26 wheels.
Road trains of terror, wanting to dance with little 3 cylinder cars, dancing in 3 lanes.
Sometimes little bug like cars lose out, the Hume Highway is littered with their stains.

According to the Propaganda Manufacturers of Canberra, the sugar cubes of imports
Are so nice and sweet to the taste, and even good for people.
However, to local manufacturers of local products, these imported sugar cubes
Are a deadly poison killing all local residence stone dead.
Many people who have any brains at all, look at the ants with fear and dread.

One could see and hear the ants along their ant trails marching along any expressway.
Along the M5 heading south, the M4 heading west, northward
Along the F3, trucks with their 26 wheels and gears to match.
Every gear change belching polluting smoke out of their exhausts into the atmosphere.
Carrying their shipping containers creating visual pollution in our biosphere.

The workers could see and hear their jobs being crushed and their workplaces ravaged.
Unfortunately, the Propaganda manufacturers of Canberra had full faith in 'Twisties'
Told the unemployed to continue looking for work and do their treadmills in the
Job Network offices, even though jobs were ravaged by imported goods in the worklands.
The lame, or the elderly were told to look for work, scavenging amongst the wastelands.

Even people on invalid pensions were told to look for work and man the Job Network
Treadmills, because the Propaganda manufacturers in their twisted logic, believed
That their is ample work for all amongst the industrial wastelands ravaged by the ants.
They really believed in their 'Twisties' product that imports were good and wholesome.
People who complain or who are dissident, are said to have a logic that is falsesome.

However, the dissidents look around their industrial wastelands, hear the cries of people.
Loosing their economic freedoms along with their social freedoms all being mauled.
By the ants, Propaganda Manufacturers, and the Statistical Company.
It all starts to twist into hatred, fear, violence, rioting and misery,
Twisted logictics with twisties starts to twist the Propaganda Co's. twisted mastery.

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