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Aporia - Poem by Mohamed Amer

Books covered with dust on the shelves of my life
Words omitted, Forgotten or not accompli

Birds sang no more in the storms of deceit
No leafs left in the branches of the Memory tree

Schizophrenic attitude from lost meanings and definitions
Spending a whole life on or in delusion or fake Idea

People I spent my life with, turned to be marionettes
Hopeless faces and diminished hopes discoursing Aporia

In Sickness
In Dementia
In Eternal Fight
In Hypomania
In Insomnia
What else
In Amnesia
Who am I?
In Dysthymia

Visions of dear, lost in the addiction to smoke and beer
Now the glass is empty, I am Paranoid

Walking in the streets, where to go? Just following my feet
Everyone is staring in disdain, I am Schizoid

Natural Disasters, time passes by like it never passed by
Dreams like reality, where is it? Where is Adam and Eve?

Nobility, loyalty, and all this nonsense of history
Now the time for thieves and the aces in their sleeves

Don’t look at me
In Sopophobia
Leave me alone
In Ochlophobic
Stop you war
In Hoplophobia
What’s doomsday?
In Theophobia
Who am I?
In Phobophobia

Now what happened, happened
I don’t dare to change
I surrender to the glowing eyes of the Sun
In the daring waves of the grain fields
No other chance in the middle of the symmetry

Run Away Run Away
Dare you to stay
Double Dare You


Run Away Run Away
Dare you to stay
No Way

Where will you go? There is always a horizon in the end of the day
This thin line of endless misery will never fade
Close your eyes and you lay, as you surrender to failure

Open your eyes.

Jer usalem

Wait there is a light coming through that hole
Is there a crack in this mighty wall?
Shall I look through or I will ruin it all

Dare You to Look
Double Dare You


I will look and see through history
Look and see who my ancestors were

Dare you to look

Wait, I will double dare you


Digging Graves
Writing names
Changing fates

I believe in you
No longer a Human
Depraved of emotions

Dare you to stand in my face
Double dare you
I will run away

Dare you to Say
Dare you to Stay

What is the point of saying?
You kill like breathing, Lord of the Flies
You are a Cultist
Genocide, all men are slaves

What is the point of staying?
You pour the pain like rain from the skies
You are an artist
In the Art of rape and deprave

Symmetry, who sets the scales of balance?
Apathy, who will care more than me?
Futility, why you set a course without reason?
Sanctuary, where is the shelter? Never existed anyway

Come with me across ocean of suffer
When we land you will live forever
In peace and innocent laughter

Fool me again, and what about the memories of hurt
Leave my hand, all what I had, was falling from the edge
You have no glimpse of an idea where you’re taking me
All those promises of faith and immortality


A Moment of clarity
A Degree of Sanity
A Victim of Society
A Beautiful Monstrosity
A Nocturnal Supremacy
A Diminished Eternity
A Puzzle of Ecstasy
A Ballet of Tragedy
A Tide of Tranquility
A Motivation for Obscenity
A Divine Eulogy
A Celestial Obituary

Before I gave up on Him, He Gave up on me
Who Am I? Who is He?

Dare you
Double Dare you

Take your Daring Away

The Art of rape and Deprave
Faith and Immortality
Lord df The Flies

Darius and Alexander
Khan and the end of the last civilization
Amerinds and our Forefathers
Salahaldin and million corpses in the sake of salvation

In the end I am to balme
Yes this is the price of fame
The Infamous human
The Beast of Mystery
The Bringer of Misery
The Vandal of Humanity

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