İntimacy Poems: 87 / 500


Rating: 3.1

a) That Lana of Padmanpora
Gulp by gulp who nectar drank,
And saw Shiva face to face everywhere
Grant me that boon, O Deva!

b) The speaking damsels of Loka—Bhawan
And the dumb socio—human ones,
Took flight with birds;
Grant me that boon, O Deva !

c) Janak Reshi of Dandakvan.
Living on herbs, wild fruit, was
A perfect Bhakta, a pearl among devotees !
Grant me that boon, O. Deva.

d) That Miran Reshi of Reshivan,
Who fed a thousand people
And created an averse free atmosphere:
Grant me that boon, O Deva:

e) A shephered followed rams.
That very moment
He was beckoned off
And flew to the Heaven
At Harmukh:
Grant me that boon, O Deva:

f) You blessed the sadhu at Ishabar,
He recognised you and served you.
Blessed you, also Rugzal?`
The pashmina—seller:
Grant me that boon, O Deva I

g) That wise, hunch-backed, Kubza.

h) You blessed Sadhwani, the vapbodh,
He drank the milk of intimacy I
In full,
You blessed Shethi Srikantha,
The sidha;
Grant me that boom, O Deva !

i) In time should I act for my future;
Maybe, it may bear fruit ;
Meekly'ld I exhort Him;
Maybe, He may bless Nund too !
Grant me that boon, O Deva !