Sheikh Noor-ud-din Wali Poems

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Bear With: As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

Bear with the calls from the compound, friend.
Respond to your inner voice:
As you sow here, so shall you reap there.
Sow and reap, sow and reap.

He's Beside Me

He's beside me and
I'm beside Him,
Blissful I feel with Him,
In vain, I went a—seeking Him

Should You Have A Friend

Should you have a friend,
Sacrifice yourself for him.
From time to time, a friend
Is a breezy dawn !

Does Wrath Become A Muslim?

Does wrath behave a Muslim?
Should you display anger, you'll
Jeopardise your purpose.

O Self, Lend Ear To

O self, lend ear to
The gossip that's going on;
This's the knell of
The warrants of death !

You Gave Sugar To Sugarcane

You gave sugar to sugarcane,
And honey to the honey bee
You gave grapes to
The winding vine:


That Lana of Padmanpora
Gulp by gulp who nectar drank,
And saw Shiva face to face everywhere
Grant me that boon, O Deva!

Bathe Out Of Sight

Bathe out of sight,
Meditate in secluded isolation,
Be regular in action don't forget,

What Have I Gained After Birth?

With full settlement, I had come
On business to the world;
Lured on the way I was
In the market place

Shiva's There, Spread With

Shiva 's there, spread with
A fine net:
That's Death and
That's Pilgrimage !

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