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~archangel's Tune~ Pt.2 - Poem by Autumn VanBrown

~As the darkness turned into light, everything that was once hidden in the darkness, came to surface. The tree hung low as if it were in sudden sadness. Cars were scattered all over the town and not a single person occupied the area. It was as quiet as death.

Each step was an obstacle course for the girl. She had to climb trees, cars, and even houses just to get to her house. One of the houses looked as if a tornado hit it and now the debris swallowed what was once a place to live. Taking each step quickly and smoothly, the girl took some time out to look around the area. As she looked up, she noticed how dead the sky looked. Rain clouds circled the area, but there was no sign of rain. Deathly shivers went down her spine and the world was quiet all but her.

A couple of hours have passed and the girl was within reach to her untouched home. The last avenue across from her development was in seconds from her touch. Walking without a care in the world, the girl huffed and puffed her way across the once busy street to her fine development. Reaching the front of the sign, the girl heard a noise which took her by surprise. Two familar girls stood by the front beside the woods. Looking confused, the girl simply asked why they were there, when they did not even know where she lived. One of the girls was slightly shorter than the other and had long silky hair that was brushed back at the time. Her skin complexion was light, but Indian style matching her silky hair. The other girl was dark skinned and had her hair pulled back at the time. Her face was serious and still, but when she spoke you could tell something was wrong.

'Run and do not try to save us, we are here to protect you. Do not use your inner power'. A confused look crossed the girl's face as she wondered what was going on, until a screeching sound caught her attention. This sound was unlike any other sound. It was blood curdling and sounded terrifying. As she turned around, the sight made her feel as if she were in hell.

Behind her was an entire army of pale skinned demons each who were once the people she grew up with. Their eyes were red with black pupils and they had a scream that could scare an entire world. Quickly examining the terrifying faces, she noticed that most of them were the same ones who had the soulless faces in the school. Putting her hand up, the girl hoped to use her inner power to rid of the demons. With a fierce look in her eyes, her hand was ready for use, but nothing happened. Not only she was now powerless, but now she was about to die. The two girls pushed her to run away. As her steps paced quickly, all that was heard in the background was the screams of her two friends dying. She wanted to help, but deep down she knew that there was nothing she could do.

Her house was quiet and she was able to lose the demons in their tracks. Knocking frantically on the door, the girl awaited for her mom to answer. Once the door opened, the girl ran to the back of the room, shut the door, and began to pray. In the middle of that prayer, was another blood curdling scream crashing into her house. As she walked out of her room she saw her only mother being slain by the horrible beast. Cuts and blood covered the body. A slice above the stomach was what gave the mother the horrible death that she bared. Looking up at what the demon did, she began to lose her mind beating it to a pulp. One hit sent it flying into the kitchen and another sent its head straight into the glass and wooden table. As she reached over to pick up the knife her mother was using to make dinner, the demon slashed her straight in the stomach far enough to break two of her ribs. After coughing up blood from the pain, the girl quickly stood to her feet and stabbed the demon straight in the neck. She tackled the thing on her living room floor and began stabbing repeatedly until she was sure the demon was dead.

Stumbling to get up from the amount of blood that was lost, the girl made her way out of the door of her now broken home. Her blood smeared over the furniture and walls and every step she made was filled with blood. She walked a block before she felt the effects of her body giving out from lack of blood. Finally after five minutes, the girl made her way to the entrance to the woods outside of her home. As she made it through the thorns and to the center of the woods, the beaten girl laid her head on a rock and allowed her last breath to pass.

Before she fully died, she saw a memory of her best friend with the flaming red hair, but now she was wearing all white. The girl whispered in her ear, 'Do not ever give up. You can do this. Never lose hope remember I believe in you'. Hearing the words of her very true friend, the girl got up and began to make her way out of the woods. Making it out of the entrance, the girl saw a white light that covered over her. Her power was restored, and her wings grew large enough to cover the earth. Looking up into the dead sky, she smiled as the pain and scars went away. The outfit that was once under dressed became an all white and holy uniform. Her true form, an angel.

She looked up at the sky and heard the same scream again, but only this time when she looked down, she was surrounded by demons with red eyes and black pupils. Looking around herself, she knew that they out numbered her, but she was not afraid. The girl just simply stood her ground. Soon enough, the girl looked up at the sky and smiled as each demon ripped her to shreds.~

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Part two of the Archangel sequel

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