Are We In The Apostasy?

Community service is fine and well, but, what about Heaven and Hell?
And God’s message we’re to proclaim, serving in our Savior’s Name?
What happened to the Church of God, sent out by Christ on this sod?
Are we living in that Apostasy, which Paul warned would come to be?

We seem to be walking broader ways, as we live in these darker days;
Have we forgotten our true mission, to carry out Christ’s Commission?
Worldly ways we seem to embrace, as we finish out the Age of Grace;
Have we left God’s narrow path, only to invite God’s Righteous Wrath?

Is the Church straying like Israel, seeking not God’s, but, our own will?
And is there only a small remnant, of that Church that Christ had sent?
With a majority straying from Him, being seduced by this world of sin,
Following the many ways of men, that Christ shall ultimately condemn.

Have many today truly fallen away, seduced into Satan’s spiritual fray?
Simply the blind leading the blind, leaving God’s Spiritual Truth behind.
We were warned by Apostle Paul, in these latter days, many would fall,
From God’s true Church of Christ, to follow others into an apostate life.

Are we witnessing this first hand, inside the churches across this land?
The apostasy of so-called believers, lead astray by Satan’s deceivers?
So to all those still on God’s side, we must in Christ become crucified,
With His Eternal Gospel to preach, to every soul we still need to reach.

(Copyright ©05/2009)