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Are You A Vampire? (The Repressed Gutfeeling) - Poem by Alien Zoo

I can't make this fit
Is reason lost?
I can't make this piece fit
Is reason...

You're an undercover vampire
You're the vampire I was warned before

Don't think I didn't saw you coming!
Innocent face but flaming lips
I know who you are!
Don't think I don't know who you are!

I know who you are!
And you came by
I knew who you are!
Still I'm lured like a fish!

And my excuses 'The world gives us a bad example'
Amusement park is there to have fun with a price tag on
A church is there for the blood
The world is there in between to die

I ran into the world
I couldn't find blood
I can not find the blood

So clever, I fell for something I knew was a trap!
Something I knew was a trap!
The bitemarks in my neck they fit your teeth
Though I saw everything happening
I still got lead into becoming the living dead

I ran into the world
In panic
Oh god, I ran into the world
In search for the blood
But I couldn't find it
So I started biting

I give you one tip
Don't you come near me
I will bite you

I have a disease
And I'm contatious

Guess guess guess
What am I?
Vampire-like, wherewolf delights

And 2 times 4 becomes 5
I'm starting to miss more and more
I'm starting to gamble more and more
2 times 4 equals 9, I swear

Donut gates, on the top of the hill
Rollercoasters and attraction everywhere
Kind of like Vegas gambling for a rush
While in the back of your head, you could lose your life

I'm starting to like it
I'm forced in doing it
Hormones like razorblades
Sudden amnesia traumatizing my self control

I look in the mirror
all I see is dead
Oh, the monster I've become
I shouldn't be like this

What do you mean Reason?
Can you blame me, the world has got none!
Go and Do
Both have the letter O
But they are spoken as oo and oh!

This isn't the end of me!
I still say, I hope and pray
This isn't the end of me!
Day day day!

Changes and changing
I feel it all day long
I felt that I was being attacked
that night I want to end, couldn't find a gun
What use is it anyway, I'm already gone
Yeah, I felt that I was being attacked!
that night
I know the way back
get me towards the light
though it burns my skin
I feel like a gonner..
Got nothing left to lose
But than again,
another night wich I might not make it through will fall


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