Are You Worth It? Poem by Valarie Paterson

Are You Worth It?

Rating: 5.0

I say Im sad or depressed
And tell you not to try and make me feel better
Then you go and do something silly
And I crack up forgetting what made me sad

You want to make me happy
It seems you dont like to see me sad
So do you care for me?

You act flirty towards me
I don't know what to make of it though
You do things that freak me a little
Then laugh at my reaction
And I laugh too

You just make me so happy
When I'm around you
A sad thought never passes through my mind
But a million happy ones do

I think I might be falling for you
But I dont know what to do
I've fallen before
And he just hurt me
Never even giving 'us' a try

I guess he thought
Hurting me would make everyone think we were nothing
But I sick of his hurt
So I guess your next

Will you hurt me too?
Ignore me?
Become my enemy?

Or will you be different
Will you stay a good friend?
Will we become more?
Atleast a try?

This will surely show me the real you
So are you worth my time
Or should I just walk away

I don't want to waste more time
I've already wasted 14 months on him
And all I got was pain and depression

So I want to know
Are you worth the effort
Or should I just give up now?


you love liek me, dont you? milady. love is a risk.. try it. dont depend solely on it. dont ever make your love you all... you shud find your all within you.. your love is only an extension.

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