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Lovely things begin with the sunshine.
Her rays illuminate faces
So that smiles can be seen.
Her love so bountiful

In Heaven, at the right hand of God I’ll sit,
I haven’t been there, but my eyes can see it.
Adorned in righteous robes, I’ll stand by the king.
I will see angels flying with their angelic wings.

The wailing tunes of the long lost child.
Her father’s ways the cause of her cry.
So many lovely young ones wish to die.
Because they know not love, tears fill their eyes.

Walking along the path I heard leaves break
Becoming like dirt under the soles of my shoes.
They, in their millions, epitomized beauty
And life, but now they decompose and wane.

The howling wind that has no life,
Seeks my own with both blood and knife;
But in my God I will stand strong,
And if It think it’d win, it's dead wrong.

Satan first.

Man you're all that and more,
You love the rich, the sick, and the poor.

Christmas is here, Jesus to the world brought peace
Everyone is rested as kids spend time with family
Kitchens are ablaze, wives creating good ol’ soul-food
Leslie and Destra, await their turn, under the mistletoe

I've fallen from faith's light.
I slipped out of God's sight.
Me, once a gospel defender.
I can't but now be a pretender.

Advocator of peace
But bringer of war
50 in all
Yet, one shining star.

Summer, Spring and Winter
Falls and break like splinters
Broken pieces come to end
We as human cannot mend.

The donkeys brayed
And the pigs oinked
And the flies buzzed
On the walls lizards crawled

I was heading down the road of destruction,
I mean the path was so clear, there was no obstruction
But on that faithful day,
Jesus stepped in the way

If asked to describe your beauty,
I would think of:
The rainbow, the sunrise and the sunset.
I would think of:

I had a vision of Heaven/ and oh! What a marvelous thing/ God didn’t show me the gold/ for he said, this should not be my goal./ Instead I was brought in the presence/ of my God and our king/ where eternity’s choirs sing/ Glory! Honor! and Praise! unto him./

You should have been there./ Man woman and child jump and cheer./ The tambourine, flute and cymbal./ Earthly instruments/ heaven had them all./ Hallelujah being sung near and far/ allover./ Drums, saxophones steel pans/ we had a holy ghost shebang!

Can you see the light over yonder?
How it outshines the sun and all the stars,
And allows for day to be within the day
And causes night to come to an end;

Why so many addicted to those hookahs?
Nerds, playas, gamers and bookers.
Why so many addicted to the bong?
Handsome, ugly, weak and strong.

Fake it until you feel it.
Try it until you believe it.
Do not let depression get you down.
Fight it into the ground.


The universe is chaos
Spontaneity is divine
Ask the great enthalpy
Entropy of another kind

I am not making this world my home
For my spirit cries for more from within
It cries to be free of the bondage of sin
To be as one with its maker and God

That’s a superb picture captured in ink.
The artist confines his heart in the brush,
So much one misses each time his eyes blink;
The art as continuous as rivers rush.

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I am a million storms)

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All Things Lovely

Lovely things begin with the sunshine.
Her rays illuminate faces
So that smiles can be seen.
Her love so bountiful
She shares with the world.

Next on the list is friendship.
Her bonds hold giants safely
Over ledges. Her eyes magnify
To infinity the good,
And make minuscule the bad.

Runner up is the gentle tear.
Her screams chase fears,
And streams wash away sorrow
For all.When joy bursts boundaries,
She bubbles and blossoms.

Next in line is patience.
Her grace eliminates wars.
Her foundation is love.
Her nature builds friendships.
She removes evil from the tongue.

Finally, and on par with sunshine is time.
She makes way for patience to ripen.
She allows friendship to crystallize
Into excellence. She replaces sorrow
With the hope of a better tomorrow.

Yet these are useless without people.
With arms to lay in the sunshine,
And bodies that keep the hearts of friends,
With whom you can share your tears,
Even if it is with time to grow patience.

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Well, i've been at this Literary thing for quite awhile now...Seen many a face come and go...some good, some not so good, but earnest in their attempts at greatness. And once in a Green Mile, which Stephen King wrote'was the longest mile', i come across the precocious element of literature....Someone who barely out of his teens, has already carved a finely chisled poetic niche of his own along with garnering a large supportive Readership base on several of the internets most prestigious literary/poetry sites.Les Alexis is the person i speak of. His prodigious command of structure, diction and innovative craftsmanship may only perhaps be superseded by his extraordinary talent for diversification, as a multi-style artist of the Written Word. In my 4 years on this site, i have made it a point not to get involved in publicly singling out any one Poet/Writer for outstanding literary accomplishment, as my belief is that doing so has its propensity of causing hard feelings with those i may have either overlooked, or did not feel they were due special acknowledgement. However to every standard there is always that rare exception to the rule. And in my book of words, Les Alexis has proven his wothiness to that exception. Bottom line...whether it be here at poemhunter.com where he just recently contributed close to 500 of his works, to the site, or at poetfreak.com, where he is arguably recognized as one of the sites most popularly read and valued talents, ....do yourself a favor and take the time to treat yourself to the poetry of Les Alexis....You will not be disappointed! Frank James Ryan, Jr./FjR

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Edward Rhodes 03 June 2010

I came across one of your terza rima sonnets when looking through the new poems. It is encouraging to find another form-poet here. I look forward to reading more of your work. All the best.

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Honest Heart 16 November 2009

This poem for Leslie Alexis from Honest Heart: The power of the Smile You have a sword, don't you know? You have a power, don't you believe? You have a key, don't you sure? Don't you know, by your smile: You can be the fire …. You can be the pen… You can be the star… Don't you know, you can be as you wish? Don't you believe, you can be as you dream? Don't you think, you can be the leader? Don't you know: Sweet smile can make date for two sweet soul… Pure smile can play love song on some one's heart… Honest smile can put the fire on your desire… Optimistic smile can clear all the darkness… True smile can paint the rainbow on your life… Strong smile can put shining stars on your sky…

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Eyan Desir 24 November 2009

Since brown sugar is sweet And you are Caribbean Sweetest will be poured on paper Leslie keep it up! And keep sweetening your lives With the poems you write...

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Wilfred Mellers 10 August 2008

I like it a lot. I know where you are coming from so well. I will read more and savor the taste of literary ear candy. . Like all things bad for you, left unchecked will perplex your tranquility. I had a sweet tooth once forcibly removed without Novocain. The pain remains, the symptoms lay dormant, but in the end this is just how life works. Thanks for the wonderful reading.

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Anneleen Hendrickx 05 March 2017

I love your poems.

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isabel Driver 11 November 2011

Loved it it was very interesting

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Jeffrey Mitchell 31 October 2011

You opening of the poem was really strong, placing your love above the earth, I like that. And using a diamond for strength. A +

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No Ones Bidness 07 October 2011

really love your poetry, you inspire me to become a better poet

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Kendzi Samuel 18 July 2011

Damn! This is good man! Been readin many of ur poems. Love them a lot. They are like written photographs of beauty. Kinda hopin U'd 4get our deal, cause honestly, I dont think I'm that good. Well, check...um...sleepy thoughts out. Tis good.

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