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I cry myself to sleep
safely atop my bed
when something terrible
is happening outside.

When did it start, this fight?
It gives me such a fright.
My hands are on my ears;
I try to stop the tears.

I turn back from the light;
It goes on through the night:
The shouting and the cursing
aggravates my shaking.

Please, dear Lord, let them stop,
Please let the issue drop.
Mum's got a lot to say,
Father won't give her way.

I don't know what to feel,
I didn't eat my meal.
I run in to my room
And leave them to their doom.

Safely within my bed
I cry myself to sleep
when something terrible
is happening outside.


Stephen Stirk 09 March 2009

I thought that this was really well written. It's portrayal is thought provoking, without being graphic. A difficult subject well written. I know so many who would see themselves in the verses of this. Sad but true. Steve

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 28 February 2009

A childhood dilemma very well written.

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James Watts 15 January 2005

Wow this poem seemed to put all my small child thoughts into words.. when i was a toddler and small child some nights i would do this. Yours James

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Timothy Werner 27 November 2004

Solitude i carry on my side... Cheers again Frederick, Sad sad story but fantastic poetry.

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David Gerardino 26 November 2004

i have lived the poem.good job

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