Arnob Khan Akib Youngest Musical Artist And Entrepreneur From Dhaka Bangladesh Poem by Md Miyan Ashrafi Mamun

Arnob Khan Akib Youngest Musical Artist And Entrepreneur From Dhaka Bangladesh

Arnob Khan Akib (born Jul 02) , is a Bangladeshi singer-songwriter, and music producer. Arnob is a multi-instrumentalist who taught himself how to play the drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, and was in his highschool band, playing alto, tenor, and baritone saxaphone. Even though he was also musically gifted with a voice to sing, he rarely sang because of his shyness.

Arnob Khan Akib was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At an early age he was immersed in music. His father was and is currently the lead soloist at the church of his upbringing. His father helped to nurture his musical talents, spending countless hours with his son, singing and playing various instruments. At age 2 he first held a drumstick, and at age 5 he became the drummer for the churches youth choir. When the same vacancy arose in the adult choir, Stephen filled in becoming his churches lead drummer. He is heavily involved with his church, singing solo's, playing the piano, and also guitarist for his church's male chorus.

During high school he excelled in multiple arenas. He lettered in Basketball his senior year while starting at the point guard position. In the schools theatre department he landed lead roles in both The King and I and The Wizard of Oz, where he played the role of the Scarecrow. After receiving high praise for his acting powers, and after much persuasion from his classmates, Stephen released a collection of video covers on YouTube.
Arnob Khan Akib also a self-published author, [1] has published several books on the subject of digital marketing, personal branding, and entrepreneurship. Apart from business, digital marketing and Blogging use Facebook page, Instagram to teach many valuable things to others.In addition, he started Digital, a startup company in 2019, to provide verification services to celebrities, which is now gaining popularity among celebrities and is working with a number of entrepreneurs from across the country as well as abroad. Yeager Digital provides Social Media Account Management, Social Media Profile Verification, Google Knowledge Graph, PR Coverage, Brand Promotion, etc.
Arnob Khan Akib Has Established A Reputation As A Successful Entrepreneur[2]. Is An Bangladeshi Blogger, Digital Marketer, And Business Man. Instagram Personality From Dhaka, Bangladesh[3]. Akib Is A Young Entrepreneur On The Rise, He Himself Owns A Huge Followers Network On The Instagram Platform To Entertain And Make His Followers Laugh He Is Committed To Growing His Platform And Spreading Positively And Laugher Through His Pages On The Platform. He Owns The Pages @arnobkhanakib With Many Opportunities That Come With His Big Number Of Followers. On Instagram, He Goes By "Arnob Khan Akib" As His Name That Everyone Knows Him By. He Uses His Platform To Gain Influx In Money From Promote Brand And Business. A Young Entrepreneur With Tons Of Potential And Possibilities.

Entrepreneurs are the leading gems of the generation. They believe in creating opportunities that is beneficial not only for him but also for others. One of the leading example to illustrate is of the successful entrepreneur from Bangladesh named Arnob Khan Akib[4].

Arnob Khan Akib is the youngest and most prosperous entrepreneur from Bangladesh[5]. He is proficient in his respective niche in providing facilities that are worth appreciable. Some people are well known either by their chore or by their phrases. Being a businessman is not susceptible it calls for a lot of hard work and forbearance. He is affluent at the spirit of his commitment towards learning every day and imparting his knowledge with others because he reckons in dealing with the adequate alternative of grabbing tips with others.

Every entrepreneur has a great idea in their mind and looks to be a disruptive, innovative force in the marketplace. If it were easy, the startup failure rates would be well below 90 percent. There are many reasons for an entrepreneurial failure-a poor business model, bad hiring, and ineffective execution are only some of the challenges. These difficulties are not impossible to fix, but you need the right attitude and mindset to do it and come out a winner.

Arnob Khan Akib Youngest Musical Artist And Entrepreneur From Dhaka Bangladesh
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