#around This Shore Of India's Great Men Poem by Shamik Kumar Bose

#around This Shore Of India's Great Men

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* A translation of a poem of Rabindra Nath Tagore from 'Gitanjali'.

Hey mor chitto, punya tirthe
Jago re dhire-
Ei Bharater mahamanaber
Sagartire..... */

O my spirit, in sacred pilgrimage
Awake! Arise! In steady calm-
Around this shore of India's great men.
Here I stand, I spread my two hands
And I bow down to the Man like God in obeisance
With heartfelt delights, in lofty rhythm
For Him I sing rhymes in prayer.
These Mountains, so consecrated with holy meditation,
These Grasslands, so washed with chanting rivers
Here! O only here! Find the holy Earth every time
Around this shore of India's great men.

Who may know it at all
For whose beckoning call
From where had come
Streams of humans in tides vigor,
To end up mingling with the Ocean
Here the Aryans, also the Non-Aryans
The Chinese along with the Dravidians-
The Shaks and the Huns,
The fearless Pathans and the valiant Moghuls
Mingled in one body in a perfect union.
The West has opened the door,
From where now comes the gift in this shore,
Only to give and to take,
To mix and to match,
And will not return any more,

Around this shore of India's great men.

Those who rowed over streams of battles
Those who sang the songs of victory in maddening tantrums
Those who came by a journey inside Desert paths,
Through Hills and Mountains,
They all reside in me today
None is far away,
In my bloods the music flows
In such astounding tunes.
O the furious Vina! Just play, play and make music,
My hatred is still there for them who have kept me far away,
The bonding will come, so they will also come
And stand to surround me together

Around this shore of India's great men.

One day here only,
That relentless magnificent rhymes of OM
Inside chords of every heart,
In one mantra that only unites,
Echoed and reverberated so mystic, so coherent!
By power of Saintly Yogas,
Giving sacrifices of many in one's fire,
The differences were forgotten,
Awakening one magnanimous Heart.
That austere, that arduous sincere prayer
The door is open today of that holy fire
Here all will have to mingle with ardent humble desire,

Around this shore of India's great men.

Yet in today in this holy fire, you may see the glowing flame
Of blood and sorrow.
To tolerate, to burn inside the heart
Also that is written in my fate.
O mind! Bear this burden of pains
Hear that sound of unity.
Win over the shames, all the fears,
And let even the insults do not come in my way.
Let the intolerable pains get over,
Let comes that glorious birth.
The nights getting over,
Still awakened is the Mother,
In a home so illustrious

Around this shore of India's great men.

Come here O the Aryan!
O the Non-Aryan!
Come also here,
The Hindu and the Mussalman
And please also come, O the Christian!
O the Brahman, come also here and purify your mind
Grip the hands of all, be kind.
Come here the Outcast and put down in freedom
Your all insulted burdens.
Come fast, be agile while in incarnation of The Mother
The Divine pot for welfare is yet to be filled in full
The water of pilgrimage, now sacred, now pure
With touches of everyone,

In today,
Around this shore of India's great men.

Copyright: Translated by Shamik Bose,
18th Dec 2010, Calcutta

Shamik Kumar Bose

Shamik Kumar Bose

Jalpaiguri Town, West Bengal, India
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