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This is a translation of a famous poem by Bengali Poet Jibanananda Das. The original poem was composed on 1934. More so at

Banalata Sen

' Gurudev's(Poet Rabindranath Tagore) 'Shajahan' has been an inspiration beside the great Taj which I have had the opportunity to visit a multiple times'

You know the vain kisses of water on sands
Love under some moments, remains dry for the next

' This is based on a true story that I read when I was a boy and a die
hard fan of football'

'What can be in a father's mind after he left his only son in a

It is time for a change
The clock ticks
The bee hums
And I know the snow at the peak starts melting

/* A translation of Poet Rabindranath Tagore's Poem 'Shah-Jehan' */

O Shah-Jahan! The Godly Emperor of India
Thou knew this fact so well,

Have I ever wept on a mountain's grief?

The sadness so profound, yet so majestic
That thy strongest heart bore since thou wert born

It was composed by Anand Bakshi for the movie 'Amar Prem'. The song at http: // v=kpM0jPd6-7w


At a counter of Oxford Book Shop
I encountered a young fair lady
She asked for a section on 'Mind, Body and Spirit'- so fast
That I almost missed and I thought

/* I acknowledge influences of Tagore's 'Bondi Veer' here, though it is not a translation, nor thought to be originally */

ONCE there reigned a Sikh warrior
In a land where flows five rivers

* A translation of a poem of Rabindra Nath Tagore from 'Gitanjali'.

Hey mor chitto, punya tirthe
Jago re dhire-

Under this sky, these stars' beneath
One day will have to sleep – inside tiredness
Like snow-filled white ocean of North Pole!
This night - this day - o this light as bright as it may!

Walking side by side, hand in hand
one does not mind in walking together
on a path common, lying ahead
frosty dreamy, glowing in sunshine

What else you may be thinking now, dear
If you find that coffee table so near
The chairs around may be empty but one
And a known voice is busy with a lyrical tone

O Lovely Moonbeams! Be kind to hug me a deep
Kiss me immortal in my heart
Float me in your milky placid waves
Do not give me a good bye

/* My 100th Poem in */

Oh Mother! /So /You will be descending again /Once more /Does it gladden You /That You will be worshipped with glamour with a thunder of lights and music / And the Vedic Mantras will fill the air with dry hymns / And the lovely ladies will pretend to be lovelier with new dresses and ornaments /And the children will play and merry /The old couple will be reminiscent with thoughts of fading glory /These four days will be once more joyous /Leaving every trace of sad thoughts behind / Oh Dear Goddess! / Are You a real Magician / Like his play /Only ephemeral/Only exists for just four days / And then the reality re-appears / The poor child who got a four days food, now starve for half a day / Everyday / The tears of the Widows surface again / Oh Mother! / What is the point of a momentary celebration / Why not there is no Celebration/ No great joy / No great sorrow / But a decent life for everyone/ Your own children / Whom I suppose /You do not discriminate!

With an apology to Ma,

This name puts me in a dream.. I do not know still why
something must be very special for me as it may sound
very ordinary to you.. and why?

That blue mountain is my best friend
we were born together. same day. same moment.
we came together from one blue dream. from a far far distant blue kingdom.the blue sky only knows.
O blue sky please tell us about it. why are you so silent? why can't you be chirpy like a blue bird?

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Banalata Sen

This is a translation of a famous poem by Bengali Poet Jibanananda Das. The original poem was composed on 1934. More so at

Banalata Sen
by Poet Jibanananda Das

For a thousand years I have been walking upon the bosom of my earth
From Ceylon Ocean to a darkling night falling upon the sea of Malaya
So much I've travelled!
Into the dusky world of Bimbishar Asoka,
I was there!
Farther inside into that very darkness of city Bidarbha
I am a tired soul
Everywhere the oceanic foams of life throbbing
for just only a while I was blessed with some peace
At last!
From her! She, Banalata Sen of Natore.

Her hairs like an ancient dark night fallen on Bidisha,
Face truly sculpted in vigor of Srabasti;
Far inside an ocean,
when a ship wrecked sailor had lost his vision
All on a sudden as he discovered a grass green
Inside an island cinnamon
Like that only I have seen her in darkness!
Quipped she, “Where have you been for so long? “
Her eyelids like a bird's nest, had opened
She, Banalata Sen of Natore.

When a day ends in wholeness, evening descends like a dew's whisper;
Falcon wipes out the smell of sunshine from his wings;
When all colors fade away from the face of this earth,
records of life start unfolding;
From inside a fabric of stories to the twinkling of fireflies
all birds return to nests - all rivers - come to an end all trades of life;
Only darkness now prevails and sitting face to face with Banalata Sen.

Copyright: Shamik Bose 2009

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