Shamik Kumar Bose Poems

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# Ode To A Dew

O Morn Sun!
Behold! My dew is now sleeping

She is a baby whom my Nigh has born

A Kiss

In Quietude on the waterfront, I hear the kissing sound of water
on the lovely pebbles
That sound reminds me of a deep love once made in heaven
and now on my earth, under a mellow'd beam


/* A translation of Poet Rabindranath Tagore's Poem 'Shah-Jehan' */

O Shah-Jahan! The Godly Emperor of India
Thou knew this fact so well,

# Chingari Koi Bhadke(' When A Spark Flares Up The Woods')

It was composed by Anand Bakshi for the movie 'Amar Prem'. The song at http: // v=kpM0jPd6-7w


# Solitude

Inside your sphere I am a hapless soul
Welcome me into your shell
And give me the happiness I never find elsewhere
You nymph for loneliness- descend on mind like a gliding eagle

Banalata Sen

This is a translation of a famous poem by Bengali Poet Jibanananda Das. The original poem was composed on 1934. More so at

Banalata Sen

#while At Midnight

While at Midnight I am sitting upon the wooden bench in my park.
The green grass, tired on a day's journey, now sleeping...
Along with him, sleeping all the souls,
Who share the same park, the same complex.


Hope, you have stood by me with a friend's gesture
Now I can't say, hoping against hope in one humor
I have learnt to seek you in despair with fervent desire
I feel the warmth of your glow as you flicker


Stand there my sweet little charming
And just keep on smiling
Teach me once more what you are playing
Watching you in silence while you are roaming

Mountain's Grief

Have I ever wept on a mountain's grief?

The sadness so profound, yet so majestic
That thy strongest heart bore since thou wert born

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