Arrest Me Not Poem by ANKWASA HARLORD

Arrest Me Not

Rating: 3.7

I will talk...
I will talk quietly
they behind invisible walls,
will not listen
I see sawed they say...!
Arrest Me Not.

I will shout...
I will shout quietly
they with skinny bonny...stunted by hunger,
will not listen
My words ain't sharp and acidic as Nyanzification
Arrest Me Not.

I will scream...
I will scream quietly
like a mating Dog
they under IRON HAND of tranny,
African eyes, ears... are in their hands
they will not listen
Arrest Me Not.

I will...
I will preach quietly
they under excessive under employment, unemployment...,
them under the puppet rule!
they will not listen,
they with torn swollen concrete hands...
Arrest Me Not.

I will...
I will talk, scream, shout quietly
they behind invisible walls
they with skinny bonny...stunted by hunger
like jackals they stand screaming nothings
barking dogs that don't bite....
Even if they listen, what can they do?
A fat oily tyrant you are!
I have no sharp acidic tongue of Nyanzification,
Arrest Me Not.

Friday, April 24, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: inspiration
Nobert keys 24 April 2020

liked your employment of techniques keep the candle burning

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George The Tired Poet. 24 July 2022

Nice piece, I hate the audio though 😊😊

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Mildred Mutesi 07 May 2020

Wow its an amazing piece of work

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Christopher Cash 24 April 2020

Really a wonderful poem bt might coz u zibs

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Tala Destiny 24 April 2020

Wow wonderful poem that Will earn you cains 😁😁😁

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Twikirize Annet 24 April 2020

Wow nice piece of work..... that fat oily tyrant U are

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