I was stranded
Shoulder falling helplessly
An angel you appeared...
Now I confess it's alright!

I understand those feelings
Not because I am Ruhanga,
The feelings of agony and despair

Looking through my window
Children playing around with slops
Dogs cats cows... singing in their own right
Trees mingling with the wind songs of praise

I will talk...
I will talk quietly
they behind invisible walls,
will not listen

I met her on the way,
She gave me a cheat.
My eyes couldn't stop gazing at her,
Like a monkey gazing at a


I will not take flight
I will fight.

For my Rights

If love were arses,
What would be your status
If love were Boob's,
What could possibly be your status

You are amazingly mad.
You that makes my days bright
Like a moon,
You are one of a kind.

I love you too much
Like a pen on paper,
Like a cow eating grass
You are my everyday dream

I stand tall like Rwenzori for us
So please don't call this a fuss,
With your Baton you dawn on memercisly
And you expect me to stay numb and talk carelessly,

Today I woke up jolly,
told my mother that I am heading
to the polls,
She laughed out loud as if I was a dreamer!

Today I went to bed and had a dream
Such a terrible dream,
I saw tear gas everywhere
Countrymen running to and Fro,

Love is young...
Have a paint fight
sleep, bathe, play in mud
Rain no more a bother play, walk, sleep and bathe in it!

Baby I know I am proud
today is the time to swallow
My pride and talk plainly
I am sorry for hurting you

I met you on 1st August 2019
As I walked a long the street
You where sloshed and stranded,
My inside was moved,

That thing Corona virus, Chinese flu, Trump's truth...
killing people endlessly in fascinating numbers
The wind tells us it's a war between the two Giants,
Who knows?

Fellow countrymen I am going nuts.
I no longer understand our country
Generals are behaving wildly
just like lions in the bush

My Mother land...mother land...mother land
I am here to pose a question
In fact a lot of questions,
What has come of you?

I will cherish the memories, moments...
We shared!
My heart keeps yearning for you,
My shooting star way far in the skies


Ankwasa Harlord a poet from the Switzerland of Africa Kabale, was born on 18th Feb 2001 in Kabale South Western Uganda.He Went to Bishop Cipriano Kihangire SSS and now currently at Our of Africa at advanced level doing HEL/sm History, Economics and Literature.He has achieved various certificates in drama and also does debate.He writes on various themes including Love, politics, Despair. His poems will feature in an anthology title I Was Never Ready by Cheone Alley Semenya a prolific South African poet.)


"I For One"

I was stranded
Shoulder falling helplessly
An angel you appeared...
Now I confess it's alright!

I have been broken into pieces
and I have seen many of the kind,
Why are you different?
You smell of purity and freshness...
I for one can testify.

I once gave up on my life
Dreams no more at hand,
You still believed in me
And gave a reason to fight on,
Why are you different?

Why are you different?
Believing in a moving corpse
One being blown by wind South to North
East to West,
Still like a star you show me a spark
I for one can testify.


Erique micah 24 June 2020

raising talent with in u bro..good work, Sky is the limit

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Oturu Matthew 08 May 2020

am moved by your works....... just wish you the very best in your career

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Mildred Mutesi 06 May 2020

The poems are so wonderful and so good.Keep it up

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Atai Isabel 14 April 2020

Love the Poems. They are so wonderful

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Twikirize Annet 07 April 2020

doing well 👍

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Lomongin Easter 17 December 2020

lovely work thanks

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stephanie apila 14 September 2020

really nice reading your work, i love the themes and techniques.The outspokenness in your work is cool

0 0 Reply
Elvis Tumwine 11 September 2020

Its G man nice efforts

0 0 Reply
Allan 23 August 2020

Nyc keep pushing

0 0 Reply
Mwase James 19 July 2020

Wow keep the candle burning...u have made it so far

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Its very a shaming to die with your dreams unfulfilled, but dying while following your dreams and for your dreams, declares you a triple winner.

Today or tomorrow is just a percepective, But today is final.

We speak different languages, colour, religion but floods never segregate so let's simply act in unison then the human race can survive.

I do not trust time nor life.

Sometimes it's okay to quit but know how and when to!

No wasted and most unrealistic ugly word like democracy.

Learn to ignore your sixth sense for no one desires reality and the world will definitely go against you.

Democracy is just like Love, the two don't exist but we often talk about them.

I strongly agree with the existence of God but also strongly disagree with the mistake of religion.

The moment they tell me this and that person are humble, obedient, I understand the fact that they are idiots.

Why it is! Getting angry whenever hungry, is simply nature.

I always wake up wondering why Uganda is a landlocked country... Then remember that we're having artificial terrible neighbors, keeping quiet on this is disrespect!



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