Arrow In The Sun Poem by William Kofoed

Arrow In The Sun

In the dark of the night
in dim flickering of candlelight
working carefully on the shaft
of the arrow to take flight

smoothing it of all error
to ease the travel of its flight
with a point to pierce the night
from the darkness towards light

taking ribbon clean and pure
forming words with care there
fixing to the shafts end
words to fly into the light

before the rise of morning sun
going forth in the night
taking bow and the shaft
with the words to take flight

from the stars guidance take
learning where to take my aim
where it first will begin
the dawning of the new day

waiting there within the dark
finding peace with all that is
becoming one with the task
to perform at first light

taking stave and the string
bending and fitting together them
fitting arrow to the string
turning now towards the east

raising the bow with the sun
pulling back and taking aim
becoming a one with the shot
loose the shaft into the light

loose the words into new day
going forth before me
flying up into the light
traveling to where I will not be

shaft of arrow in the light
flying into the day
that dawns before me
light of day where I will not be

lowering bow and closing eyes
wondering if it may be
somewhere within the new day
that my words may be found

on shaft of wood
with ribbon tied
words upon there wrote
shot into the morning light

turning now I walk away
going back into the night
where the dark will me take
being not in the day

Saturday, April 6, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
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