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Not all flowers do look nice

Not all flowers do smell good

The days are growing longer, warmer
The snows are less often, lighter
Soon the storms will turn to rain
And no longer will I need to plow

How can I teach you to see
the blue of the sky in a hummingbird egg
born to fly as the color does show
or here's the ocean waves

Bitter night
seventeen degrees
all is covered
in frozen white

Auburn hair in long waves falls
bright sunlight glistens red highlights
tight ringlet of curls on forehead found
all flows lightly upon the breeze

I sit and think of
programs that
assign values to
words that are wrote

Quarter moon shines down
in dark summer night sky
the cloud slowly go by
in gentle warm breeze

Frigid white cloud of breath is formed
in cold black darkness at mountains feet
blows away on cool biting wind
as I wait for bright breaking Dawn

Hard bright stars
in frozen black sky
pin points of color
so far away

harsh cold wind howls
steel gray clouds low over head
racing quickly torn to shreds
merging coldly into the sea

Sitting in the parking lot
in my truck just wondering
wondering what this day I'll see
my coworkers and what they'll be

high up in the cold black night sky
sharp white light spears through the sky
racing towards us coming down
a quiet rushing of whispering sound

Soft black leather
tight formfitting
curving about you
holding you firm

Lying in the predawn light
underneath black empty sky
chill wind blowing across bare skin
feeling a desperate need to flee

high white clouds ride the sky
beneath bright arching blue
bitter cold wind blowing through
to my flesh and cloth to thin

And as I walk behind the crowd
burden by the memory of my sins
red drops of mud did I see
of the dust in the blood he shed

When I first saw it
in the dark corner there
where none would see it
hidden away from sight

In the twilight of the setting sun
cold wind stirrers the whispering leaves
like the whispering of have heard voices
speaking of echoes of things now faded

Long green grasses stir in the gentle breeze
bright summer sun beats down upon them
cool fragrant scent rises up into the air
carried across the land in the gentle breeze

Please forgive me this

like a carcass

William Kofoed Biography

William A. Kofoed was born in Logan Utah. He now lives in Magna Utah. He has been published in Poetry Quarterly, Utah Life, Dual Coast, Door is a Jar and Encore 2018.)

The Best Poem Of William Kofoed

Not All

Not all flowers do look nice

Not all flowers do smell good

Flowers are shaped for flowers

For the flowers good and not for others

Flowers look good to bugs to see

Flowers smell nice for bugs to smell

For flowers bugs matter

Flowers are shaped for bugs

And not for us to like

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Magnificent 25 May 2019

Wonderful poet. We should all read his work.

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