William Kofoed Poems

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Not All

Not all flowers do look nice

Not all flowers do smell good

Spring Time

The days are growing longer, warmer
The snows are less often, lighter
Soon the storms will turn to rain
And no longer will I need to plow

Teach To Write

How can I teach you to see
the blue of the sky in a hummingbird egg
born to fly as the color does show
or here's the ocean waves

Her Face

Auburn hair in long waves falls
bright sunlight glistens red highlights
tight ringlet of curls on forehead found
all flows lightly upon the breeze

Friday Morning

I sit and think of
programs that
assign values to
words that are wrote

In Moonlight

Quarter moon shines down
in dark summer night sky
the cloud slowly go by
in gentle warm breeze

Mountain Morn

Frigid white cloud of breath is formed
in cold black darkness at mountains feet
blows away on cool biting wind
as I wait for bright breaking Dawn


Hard bright stars
in frozen black sky
pin points of color
so far away

City Revisited

harsh cold wind howls
steel gray clouds low over head
racing quickly torn to shreds
merging coldly into the sea

All Hollows Eve

Sitting in the parking lot
in my truck just wondering
wondering what this day I'll see
my coworkers and what they'll be