William Kofoed Poems

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Not All

Not all flowers do look nice

Not all flowers do smell good

Spring Time

The days are growing longer, warmer
The snows are less often, lighter
Soon the storms will turn to rain
And no longer will I need to plow

Teach To Write

How can I teach you to see
the blue of the sky in a hummingbird egg
born to fly as the color does show
or here's the ocean waves

Guitar Dreams

Bitter night
seventeen degrees
all is covered
in frozen white

Her Face

Auburn hair in long waves falls
bright sunlight glistens red highlights
tight ringlet of curls on forehead found
all flows lightly upon the breeze

Baking Bread

Early morning in half light
setting out to bake some bread
getting out the tools all need
shining steel and burning heat

Before The Moon

in the chilling crisp night
with out a stirring trace of breeze
tingling fear of unseen eyes
as my hackles begin to rise

4 Am Dream

Loss in indigo darkness
distress coursing through my being
shattered images flowing changing
confusion not understanding what was seen

Storm Breaks

blacken clouds like boulders rumble
racing as spears of light flashed down
howling the air rips over the dark darkened land
tearing at all stand before it

Love Forlorn

battlements high of cold gray stone
softly lit by rays of sun
there she walks while gazing out
over the slow rolling waves of the sea

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