As We Are So Wonderfully Done With Each Other Poem by Kenneth Patchen

As We Are So Wonderfully Done With Each Other

Rating: 3.9

As we are so wonderfully done with each other
We can walk into our separate sleep
On floors of music where the milkwhite cloak of childhood lies

O my lady, my fairest dear, my sweetest, loveliest one
Your lips have splashed my dull house with the speech of flowers
My hands are hallowed where they touched over your
soft curving.

It is good to be weary from that brilliant work
It is being God to feel your breathing under me

A waterglass on the bureau fills with morning . . .
Don’t let anyone in to wake us.

Toni Wilson 01 March 2012

I have had this poem since 1964, the second stanza reads: oh my love, my golden lark, my soft long doll Your lips have splashed my dull house with print of flowers My hands are crooked where they have spilled over your dear curving

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Anne Mortenson 28 September 2006

When I was young, the world was frightening. I first read Patchen in high school back in the early sixties. He made the world understandable for me. This is a beautiful poem. It's a good poem to help become acquainted with Patchen because he can be so sharp. But even here you can can see the undeniable passion that inhabits all his work. I felt I could connect with him. He was somebody that understood my world.

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Ally Davies 09 January 2014

One of the most evocative poems I've read.

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 13 December 2016

The happiness of family life it is a wonderful experience and beautiful poem.

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Patricia Grantham 09 January 2015

A very romantic and passionate write. Two lovers reveling in each other. Lovely.

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John Richter 09 January 2015

The only problem I have with this type of poem is that they are too often confused with love poetry. Mr. Patchen quite elegantly described the feelings of elation when one is in a fairly new relationship - a time when Mother Nature and hormones are at their hardest work. True love, appreciation of the soul, not the body, comes long after the 'walking on air' feel when we first begin to court another. IMO... With that said I must say this is a most tender, beautiful poem.

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Kit Eakle 16 December 2017

In poetry there are no problems - only words creating images. The confusion is in your mind. It is a love poem!

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Barbara Parris 18 February 2014

Long time favorite. Discovered again because of this web site. Many thanks.

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Karen Sinclair 09 January 2014

Absolutely gorgeous read. One of the best I've ever appreciated.

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