Ashes Of Vapor Soul Poem by Parwin Jadan

Ashes Of Vapor Soul

Hazy is demolished
as a castle of hopes and dreams
blaze of hate and haughty lady
Blow up her fatal fury
to the smiley shepherd
that he has no gold no pearl
only a voice of paradise
face of heaven walk of wind
Every time I sing to my much-loved
Turns her back as peacock
so much proud to not let her ears
touched by thunders attacks
Every time I dance for her sunny smile
she stares at me
as if I am a slave
and want it to step on my water eyes
By the by I dance I sing I play as a clown of mad town
For no body for no one for nothing
Just to my sheep for the wet grass rainy sky
To waterfall coming to stars bright
To night's serene
To day's light
Airs kisses
Sea's secrets
Oceans sublime
Fire shine
Snow's breaths
To the grey patient mountains
For animals laugh and cries
Soul fostered by olives figs and dates
Tunes whispers waves harp and lute
Hazy wondered
Who can slay haze's misty soul
that not afraid of anything
who can turn off the world's light by his odium?
At that time I will bury my sanguine steam

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