Ask Me - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

ask me what i wish for in my life

ask me what i do everyday

i will have lots of answers, my wish to be with you at the end
as she once wrote it, was a lie, my wish to hold your hand when
we meet again, as she once confessed was also a lie,
my wish is a lie, i will tell you now, my wish to love you forever,
still a lie, ask me then what is it that is true?
it is only me that is true, from the very beginning of my birth
it is only me
that is true, loving myself, working out to love myself first, so that
i may love you as my first wish, then you must ask me what i do
office work,7: 30 to 11: 30, back to office work,1: 30 to 5: 00
it is not me there,
we talk, it is not me there in that conversation,
it is all work, it is all this obligations to my earth,
i owe my birth,
but i go back in my hole, this home, one day, and everyday,
face the computer, plant my feet on the floor, glue my bottoms
on the chair, bind my finger on every letter of the keyboard
where i heave some sighs,
hurl my words, run the lines that never stop, and mimic some great
men and women,
i sit all night shunning sleep, i write, ask me what is happening,

i am making myself a self, now look at me carefully,
i may be true at least when i begin writing
the first word in this


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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 14, 2008

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