At The Birthday Party Of My Sister - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

she had her storms the past few months

her husband
sired a baby with another woman

and she cried in all these blunders
events she cannot accept at first

the seas will be rough
and she will be in a boat where she will find it hard
to move and breathe

she sails and she is now back home
to her senses

it is her birthday today and my brother-in-law greets her
with a kiss and perhaps more promises

she will smile with the guests
us and the rest will cheer her and sing her
a birthday song

all along we pretend that we do not know a thing
about the storm
whether there were those who sank and drowned

and counted as a number
a casualty

who wns who loses
we cannot count with our fingers the
minuses and the plusses

the party goes on with more food,
desserts and
hard liquor

we pretend all along that we do not know a thing
like life

my dear sister, life goes on
stick with it, let them those who hurt you

sink and be forgotten
the sea is calm you might as well decide to take your
happy swim

or just take a dip and wet
a part of your lip

see? nothing happened and those that happened
have become
stories merely not even wanting to be told

we are merry
we have decided to be happy.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 11, 2008

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