Adeosun Olamide

At The Hearing Of Margaret - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

I plea the council
To hear

Shall we infiltrate then our ears with sorcery
And spoil our minds to a demon?
What plea we dost seek
That hast as shadow- spells
That to let those evil eyes –here
We give chance to her enchantment
Shall us license this folly?
Or flee from evil
As the scripture does tell?

I plea the council
To sentence

I known her since- in womb
Bringer smile a woman’s face
And as little girl I knew her too
Racing with the birds
Removing bugs from dogs
Letting flies peck her neck
Watering gardens
She a wife came in my presence
A servant to her husband
And as mother I knew her too
Gentle and attentive neighbors infant
I have seen her daily in the chapel
Dwelling in the gaze of God
It staggers me- this act you claim her
That a sorceress- confounds me

I plea the council
To hear

I know this woman since womb too
I remember her mother’s death at her birth
I know her too as a little girl
Chasing and stoning the birds
Eating bugs from missing dogs and cats
As a wife I knew her too
A widow too many times
Didn’t we find Rose lost baby dress in her chamber?
I know this woman too- I say
I have heard her confessions in the chapel
What shall we hear than lies?
There is nothing more to
This woman romance to sorcery
My son, Tibalt witnessed
I saw the light descend myself
A good man is murdered
The son of Good Tildus
His graceful mothers wrapped in grieve
And yet we linger it?
And yet we utter this?

I plea this council
To sentence

The council shall vote
To hear!
The council shall hear!

The filth has no remorse
Hear her mock this hallowed council
Hear her mock Christ
This but linger to shame God

I plea the council
To sentence- this moment

Is she not your wife?
Is she not your daughter?
Is she not your mother?
Why haste her death so?

I plea the council
The Doctor

She’s the bride of Lucifer
The princess of Beelzebub
She is the mother of evil
Thus haste her shame so
And what say has doctor?
Have we not heard her?
This confession-
This new crime
We shame God by hearing!

We plea the council
To sentence

Margaret screamed
There was storm
Her rapist stroke
With thunder from God
What sorcery lain here?
Margaret be forth
She bears crucifix
And rote scriptures
What shame is God?
Margaret- I know
Deserves all understanding

I plea the council
To think

You utter thus of the council
You undeserving your spot
Perhaps she has spelled thee
I have seen Margaret in his chambers!
Haven’t we seen her resemblance in his sons?
You adulterous filth
Dare plea this pensive council
To think

I beseech the council
His suspension

And Margaret never was mother
She cared more his son than me
She forbade me service my nation
And shielded to laziness
Margaret stole honor from
I known Margaret
A cherubic of lie
Let her die
That God fury may warm

The Council should sentence

What ye speak of this good man
Almost a saint
An exemplar our infants
What ye do is brother libel
You speak false of the duke
But shall my duke dignify thy lies with silence
I beg not-
I bid thee- duke- to clear this air, this filth

I plea the Duke
His denial

Margaret indeed was friend
Like the mother to my children
I did propose her lust
In heightened secrecy
But she, a virtue
Declined my luring
For love of God
And love of you
I had weak moments
But she, this Margaret- saved me

I plea the council
My departure

Shameless him
He proposes his daughter mate to lust
And he sits yet in the grand of the chapel
Shameless him
He hears our confessions
And has condemned many a man
Shameless him
To think adultery is to do

I plea this council
His removal

Now, we shall not wander-
From which brought us here
We are here to discuss Margaret
Not the duke

I plea this council
Not stray

Now, her accomplice is gone
Shall we Gods will?
And stay with our scriptures
Shall we prepare the gallows?
Or wallow still in this idleness?

I plea this council
An immediate sentence

Margaret has contravened Gods own law
And has hath businesses with the devil
With mercy- we have heard her confessions
And with mercy-
She shall hang by dusk
Where all should behold!

The Council thus pass!

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