Villie Beebs

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Attempted Murder Of Your Heart - Poem by Villie Beebs

My heart is fully loaded I conceil what is about to occur
This crime I am committing is a solution to the way that things were
Heightened anticipation, the sweat condenses down my face
I cock the gun I get it ready as I load bullets into each empty space

Emotions running vampant, as the time is running out
I keep staring at the clock, as the night howls with far cry shouts
Pain calling from the distance, my future glimpse of what must come
The death of another heart, I must hunt down the chosen one
Murder, murder, I repeat what I must do
As you gave me no choice, this is what you pushed me do to you

You pushed me away, you changed into who you became
The sweetness stopped, and nothing stayed the same
You say things that hurt and you torture me everyday
You stole from me what you could, and took your love away

I see you in my scopes, and aim the red laser on your heart
I will kill what life was beating, with love you shall not feel warmth
I will make you bitter, you will feel pain, and be so sad
At times you will be crazy, and more angry than mad
You will be too scared to love again, you will build walls around your heart
You will think of me each day as your soul falls apart
But just as I am about to pull the trigger
I suddenly have a ephiphany and ponderly figure
Why that would make me just like you
You would turn me into everything that you say and do
To become like that, onto myself I would not be true
I decide to let you suffer as carma will find you one day
Another girl who will pull the trigger, and take your love away
This my friend will be your long awaited fate
To try to be reborn again, for you it will be too late
Until then I would hold onto this grudge with unmeasured hate
And you would have just become, the best mistake I ever made

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 12, 2007

Poem Edited: Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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