Awake! O Endangered Species! - Poem by JEM JAN

Awake! O Endangered Species!

The Stars shone bright in the night on sky
The deep sea joined the Moon sight on high
The cool breeze danced on Mountains free on trees
The birds chirped flying with animals graze on reeds

Field green grass drank Water so clean
My heart sang song did memory so green
Flowers bloomed spread fragrance not walled
We pleasured the ever caring treasure enthralled

It was awesome presence, beauty of the creation
Sweet Spring essence breathed by every generation
Do I dream stories of the past wonders in my heart?
O who the giants doom thrashing our feet at last?

Gone are those days of fresh and green joy ever win?
O gentle breeze why did become wrath scorching wind?
O puffy waves why did you sweep our lives as tsunami?
How could we allow this conflict arise among as enemy?

O why this constant melting polar ice caps?
Why this oxygen scarce, carbon foot prints slaps?
O do you banish us by destruction?
Why do you cease your protecting affection?

My heart aches
My sense breaks
No rain no water
Is it our fate of our deed?
No, I hate this rate! sure it’s of our greed
O man, so smart!

Though You razed the tree it’s healed and grown
you hacked and chopped, it ‘s dried and died on
You cleared the forest O industrialist!
Tigers reach your chamber, O fascist!

Adieu! adieu! o man kind?
Filled with avarice o poor blind?
The death knell has rung!
The horrid hour has sprung!
It is your life that’s at stake!
O ye know, endangered species!

Not for the nature, the hack you kept
It is for your own extinction!
You become prey with distinction!
Save your skin not I say for fun!

Stop! Intoxicating globalization
Cease suffer, cultural alienation
Live in harmony with nature I demand!
Yield to know the hour of the command!


Topic(s) of this poem: environment

Form: Bio

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 6, 2015

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