Karen Thornburg

Awaking The Fire - Poem by Karen Thornburg

The assertiveness of your enthusiastic tongue
turning my fleshy bulb into a diamond
Desires’ fluids trickle slowly
onto your tongue it needs no guidance
Your fingers spark internal flames

Harmonious movements take their course
They brush against the silkiness of my delicate walls
Evoking what was dormant
Forbidden emotion the oxygen
Rousing my ever napping ember to erupt into flames

You continue to provoke the fire
Your lips burn a trail of desire along my body
Your tongue tracing its way up to the soft sleeping mounds
Suckling them both deep into your mouth they find momentary refuge
Before bursting into the flames of desire with the rest of me

I renounce my defeat to passions call
Your pride slipping into my sweet magma
Fire within inferno
The intense heat of our passion builds
All of my darkness folds in upon itself, intensifying
The fire consumes the oxygen, I’m breathless

My hidden depths milk you,
Taking your pride deep inside and rejecting it with the same breath
My body, my mind
Fighting a battle of emotion and physical pleasure,

With fervency your giver of life and love
stroking the innermost depths of my being
Stoking the fire
Slowly intensifying, breathing life into the fire
Producing aches of pleasure

Then that moment....
The apex
When all the darkness folds in upon itself and implodes
creating the most mesmerizing effect the world has ever seen

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 13, 2013

Poem Edited: Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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