Kenneth Davis

Rookie (September 4,1987-Present / Newport News, VA)

Away For Too Long - Poem by Kenneth Davis

Away for Too Long by Kenny Davis

I was surprised she said she missed me
Expressed when she ran up to me and kissed me
I told her that, “I couldn’t wait to see you! ”
About just how much I need you
Oh how we waited for another intimate moment such as this
Embraced in one another’s arms once again, passionately sharing love with in a kiss
Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder
My love for her growing each day I’m sent and stuck over yonder
Sitting here alone without her I can’t help, but to ponder
Why am I forced to wander without her any longer?
Could it be the so that our love for one another grows stronger
So our heart may sing as beautifully of that of majestic songbird
If home is where the heart is and my heart is with her
Why can’t my arms wrap around her tightly and nestle along her curves
Instead I am here, on the tip of my nerves, wondering when, oh when, can I be with this girl
The thought of being away from the woman by my side
Is enough to make a grown man want to cry
The mere thought of the woman I left behind
Wanting nothing more than my angel before my very eyes
Me without her is like a starless night without the moon
A withering flower without life that can no longer bloom
I want to be closer, but we can’t be further apart
Depriving each other the company of one another’s heart
To get to you, I’ll walk until my feet bleed
Then I’ll keep on walking to get to what my heart needs
To allow my spirit, my soul to be freed
And that is you in my arms and yours tightly wrapped around me
To imagine ever being separated from her again
Would be like losing my right arm or my very best friend
If we are so close when I carry her around in my heart
Then when I am away from her more than an hour, why do I fall apart?
To not hear the sound of her voice, nor see the smile on her face
To not smell the perfume on her neck, or feel her arms around my waist
To not be able to taste the kisses that drip from her lips
To not feel the intimacy between us when I sensually grip her hips
To not be able to cuddle her in my arms, even for one night
Nothing about that, nothing at all seems right
To not have her beside me at every sunrise
Nor every sunset, watching the beautiful sky colors leave her eyes
The pleasure of her presence, honor of her essence, will I no longer be deprived
I have indeed been away for far too long, without her I wither, I would no longer survive.

©September 2011 k.davis

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, October 6, 2011

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