Awful Animosity Of Your Love Poem by OPWONYA JOEL ONEN

Awful Animosity Of Your Love

Pants are just like a watch man on night shift patrol
When crystal of dews spewed over a cold heart,
Because mornings comes with hot winds flying through the neighborhoods
You always dread bad luck to my dreams and visions

Atmosphere of Kitgum can't threshold to give you a quarter of hope
To keep you the river between my desert soul
To make me a Majesty of your love
To give you blessings and grace about romantic engagement
You just stand to quilt away the stars of our own making

Awful you horrors the necessity of kisses and cuddles onto your lips
When I want to whisper true love into your romantic world
To take care of your eggs, build for you a reservoir of roses
Take you to the moon, whirl with you in the rain, and brush my hands with the succulence of your breasts
I baptised you 'A Woman of Desperation'

You were so good and kind to my veggies in the field
You were so quite to the beats of my heart that always keep you in praise
You were at most the rhythm in my violin strings that direct my palm to your rich kingdom
You were my Venus the Goddess of Love, The Juliet whom I drunk her juice
You, you, you lived in the mysteries of golden paradise in my heart
You have spoiled the honey in our basket this November with your Awful Animosity of Love....

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