Ayesha, An Orphan Girl From Palestine Poem by Mamunur Rahman Kayes

Ayesha, An Orphan Girl From Palestine

Two eyes like a small shaky lake,
A beautiful cold and enchanted face,
How simple the innocent girl
Like the sky was to me.
She looks like my daughter,
Match it once,
Take a look!

Ayesha, Palestinian Ayesha,
Four-years-old Ayesha.

Last year, a ferocious hyena
The killer hunter,
A soldier grabbed his father from the sidewalk.

Ayesha, the only happy daughter of her father,
Used to think herself as her father's mom. She used to caress her father like a mother,
Ruls and cherishing dad like a mother,
She was the darling daughter of the father,
but they never returned her father.

Her father has not returned yet.
She foolishly believes her father went to the market
And would buy her favorite teddy bear, quite  princess doll.

She doesn't know; doesn't know
In their concentration camp
Her dearest father was interrogated day and night,
With tourcoing light  thousand of watts  into his eyes.
They nailed her father's feet, lifted his fingernails one by one,
Hung his head down and beat
Oh, they killed her father!

This year, their fighter jets F-16 and F-35
bombed on the house,
Her mother's bones and marrow are no longer alive.
With the building she has been crashed.
No father, no mother, no house
Today Ayesha is an orphan and  refugee.

This little girl is walking alone on the road
And crying, 'Mom, where are you? '
'Dad, why aren't you coming? '
'I am hungry, thirsty. '
'Our house is broken, '
'I where to sleep, '
'Mosquito bites, Dady I afraid when dogs cry at night.'
'Dad, where are you? '
'Where is mom? '
'My doll is lost somewhere, I can't find and where our puppies are? '
Mom, pleas come,
'Dad, where are you? '
'Dad, I'm scared... '

Think this girl is yours.
Think Ayesha is your daughter.
Looking at her  think of your daughter.

When you are so blind, your fatherhood is not awakened by seeing this girl?
When you become so deaf,
Listening to her call 'Daddy ' 'Daddy'
Your daughter's voice is not floating in your ears?

O soldier! Soldier!
Don't you have such an Ayesha;
A girl  so quite, soft and puffy?
To obey the orders of the bellicose
Tell, why did you make orphan Ayesha?

Why are you doing such a job?
Where you have no choice;
To obey the orders of the murderer and the devil,
Without any hesitation;
Just making thousands of Ayeshas
Everywher in Palestine? Why?

Are you dad?
What kind of dad are you?

O people of the world! People!

If Ayesha was your daughter,
What would it be like if she were your daughter?
Wouldn't Ayesha's tears ever tattered your heart out?

O people, why should Ayesha's parents  have to be killed,
Why should Ayesha has to be orphaned;
If she belongs to another religion or another caste?

Every inch of sky,
Every inch of earth,
Every wall,
Every road,
Every brick of Palestine
Raised this question
O man, to your humanity!
(KS19052021, CourtRoad, Sreemangal)

To see a picture of a baby girl in Facebook, from Palestine
Ahmed kalam 18 May 2021

Brother so sadfull picture you had painted

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saiful islam 18 May 2021

Brother so beautiful poem, I ever read

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Rsssel 18 May 2021

This is so heart breaking

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Shamol kanti deb 18 May 2021

Really its true

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Mayank 18 May 2021

I love read more from you

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salek binn mazid 20 May 2021


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sarwar milon 20 May 2021


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jamil haider 20 May 2021

Lovely penned

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Noha 19 May 2021


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Salman khan 19 May 2021

That is very nice porm

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Mamunur Rahman Kayes

Mamunur Rahman Kayes

Sreemangal, Bangladesh
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