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The Last Night Train

Rose hast to dry into beloved sight
No shade shakes head like "yes"
No butterfly bitterly brings last lament
From farway farewell,

The Nonsense Traveler To Love

The known face itself
Doesn't know to me, I too; Ks,
I broke into my town from
Arabian nights and no bird

Who Not Run Away Seeing The Fire

I, an endless lonely;
Walking along to the last breath
That you left here, Ks;
You left nor touch, nor feelings

Love Loves To Be Loved

No, not differentway
If you feel like staying
A little bit in the cave of heart
Thousand years, Ks;

It's Me Here Is Me

Where to find me
I am here, not neighbor
Not inhabitant no need to break
Thebarbed wire fence

Mamunur Rahman Kayes Quotes

06 November 2019

Light comes from the inside which shows the heart way to love. Love drinks light Love grew for the light in the heart

06 November 2019

No matter if love never comes to you, Love is like fire it grows more and more by the heart. Just build a heart of gold.

06 November 2019

Whenever you enter into her body, neither the path was so sure nor unsure.She stretches her for you cause the door of heaven was not easy and it is called love.If unfortunately you come never let her go without love.Only love can love you making much happy but you knew it by sex.So you were in only sex not in love crossing it's limit.

08 November 2019

To see, it looks like beautiful; No it is not beautiful. As you think beautifully regarding the matter and it has been so.Think as much as you possible.

08 November 2019

Not to say, you didn't want to know who you were. You are somebody else Find out who you are.Think, You are bearing an unknown souls over you.

Mamunur Rahman Kayes Comments

Advani kumar singha 06 November 2019

Thanks to for writing some masterpiece that provide us great deal of pleasure. You should go on day by day.We will hope to you writing such brilliant poem.

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Mominul Ahmed 05 November 2019

Brother You are writing such a beautifully I just strange. Where do you get so beautiful language?

6 0 Reply
Junaki Sarkar 29 October 2019

i read His all poem. Thais my pleasure to read kayes.Love you

6 0 Reply
jhone jonson 08 November 2019

You are a great and talent poet. New and soulful words are flying in your poem.That is way I call your poem as a greenwood land. Go on.

6 0 Reply
Manhazul abedin 07 November 2019

Poem always like free birds they are flying sky to sky.It is beautiful and the poet who created it is too beautiful

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Dickinson Siverstein 20 January 2020

Your writing is so beautiful that touche heart.Pray you will be writing

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zosef treaglth 12 January 2020

Wonderfull poetry is been presented

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Ruman Rozar 06 December 2019

Your every poems is excellent.

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jamsid minhaj 06 December 2019

Your every poems give much pleasure that I bear in my mind all the day long

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Ranbir dutta 05 December 2019

I called you a poet of love and imaginary .Carry on.May live long

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I think that my Poem is one kind of Equation for me to know myself. I write only for myself.No matter if someone likes My poem or not.I am like a bird of song who sings for itself and it would not any matter for him if someone like his song or not.I am a poem loving person. My patience is to write and I want to write lifelong. To think something in ...

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