Mamunur Rahman Kayes Poems

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The Last Night Train

Rose hast to dry into beloved sight
No shade shakes head like "yes"
No butterfly bitterly brings last lament
From farway farewell,

It's Me Here Is Me

Where to find me
I am here, not neighbor
Not inhabitant no need to break
Thebarbed wire fence

End Of The End Or, This Is Not The End

In a rainy day,
She came with a hazy eye crossing the sea
And breaking the silence
And this heart start whistling.

The Nonsense Traveler To Love

The known face itself
Doesn't know to me, I too; Ks,
I broke into my town from
Arabian nights and no bird

Who Not Run Away Seeing The Fire

I, an endless lonely;
Walking along to the last breath
That you left here, Ks;
You left nor touch, nor feelings

Love Loves To Be Loved

No, not differentway
If you feel like staying
A little bit in the cave of heart
Thousand years, Ks;

Ayesha, An Orphan Girl From Palestine

Two eyes like a small shaky lake,
A beautiful cold and enchanted face,
How simple the innocent girl
Like the sky was to me.

Whatever I Don't Care

I and obscure
walking through KS your's overlooked path,
On the last edge of the path;
There is a green hut fully filled with empty hands;

Wish I Could Kiss You

Girl, keep straight on me your eyes,
Those eyes;
Full of darkness flashing under the feathers
From ancient city far and away

Prehistoric And Nearer Past

Prehistoric and
Nearer past to later past,
Not solitary;
The train leads to cavered van,

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