Bfont Color='Black'Letter Of Confession/B Poem by Dawn Michelle

Bfont Color='Black'Letter Of Confession/B

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I am lost
In this less-than
Infinite knowledge
Crying out to
One I can’t see
This is
The state in which
You find me all alone
Alone and so far
From all reality
And everything
Has led to this
Starting with a
Slip of paper
I found myself writing
So long ago
But this is me now
Black nail polish
A wounded heart
I want to go back
Starting from home
But here I’m left
With one choice
Too many
This can’t be the end
Please don’t let me
Lose touch with
Who You are
Or lose touch with
Who I am
I want to feel the light
I want to be alive
I’ve learned that
Crying won’t heal
My mind
Forgetting never
Really forgets
I’m left with this letter
Of confession
That I wrote when
I understood
Here in my trembling hands
I recall the pain
And the joy that
Later followed
In my hands I have
A ticket to my past
And my future
In my hands I hold
Empty handed I hold
This letter of confession

Mind made clear
Eyes no longer
Clouded with sorrow
This is me now
Black eyeliner
A broken soul
That was me then
All things forgiven
Thanks to my
Letter of Confession

Tyler Markland 28 July 2007

very good writing.. i got goosebumps for it... EXCELENT! ! !

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fallen beauty 27 June 2007

Soo is your first name Dawn...or Michelle..Well whoever you write excellent poetry...

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Dawn Michelle

Dawn Michelle

Van Nuys, California
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