Bbarely Alive/B Poem by Dawn Michelle

Bbarely Alive/B

Rating: 4.8

I’m barely alive
I’m barely breathing
I forget how to speak
And now I’m not seeing
Was this a mistake?
Who’s fault is it now?
I’m no longer standing
Because I forget how

Is this moment
The time we’ve all been
Speaking of
Is this the feeling
We’ve heard so much about
Why can’t I
Think clearly
Who will break my fall

I have no control
I’m walking blind
Tears wet on my face
I want to leave this behind
Why can’t I understand?
What is this all about?
I’m running out of ways
To turn inside-out

Is this the memory
I want to carry all my life
Feeling this
Yet so numb am I
I’ve heard so much about
Absolutely nothing
Now it’s here
I’m left unprepared

Desperate hearts bleeding
Speechless voices screaming
Broken bones moving
Yet I am no longer alive

I’m barely alive
I’m barely breathing
I forget how to speak
But now that’s not needed

Melvina Germain 20 October 2006

You paint an absolutely frightful picture, I know this can certainly happen to any of us at any time in the future, especially as we age. It is not a nice thing to look forward to. Hopefully we have peace in our hearts and be aware of our inner strength in order to move forward and deal with the unpleasantries of this last part of our lives. It is a worry not to be able to see what is around you, but if one can take in the beauty that surrounds us now on a daily basis, maybe we will have enough stored in our memories to last us during this trying time. Excellent poem, thankyou for the read.---Melvina---

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Joshua Fegley 20 October 2006

I know how you feel Dawn; I can empathize completely. Later.....Joshua.

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Dawn Michelle

Dawn Michelle

Van Nuys, California
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