Bi Wait In Your Grave/B Poem by Dawn Michelle

Bi Wait In Your Grave/B

Rating: 5.0

I lead a life of wonder;
I hear the horror in your voice, every breath that you take,
Adds to the mystery of my world.
I add to it, you take from it.
We feed off of each other.
A never ending cycle of creativity and destruction.
You create, and I will take.

You’ve burned me to the core.
Pierced me with the knife I knew you had.
I let you closer.
I let you inside of me.
I feel your breath on my neck.
Your body quivering above mine,
Under mine,
Inside of mine.

You admit it yourself,
You will never be saved.
Perhaps you inside of me
Was the closest you ever were to salvation.
You tasted a child of the Light.
A fallen angel.
You fed upon the daughter of the King.
Your body became one with the
Child, the Daughter, the Servant.

You left me with new life,
A brooding storm of loss and satisfaction.
Your hands against my thighs,
Opening me to reveal myself to you.
Touching me to assure my desire.
You whispered words of honey, silk, and temptation.
I wanted you, and I let you have all of me.

You spoke to me with sharpened eyes,
And charismatic wit;
I trembled at your offers and laughed at your compliments.
I fear that I was innocent before you.
You leave me now to rot,
with your existence entwined with mine.
With your lust, your death, enthralled in my life.
I still feel you.
I still taste you.
I still hear you.
Your words are songs, falling upon desperate ears.
I will forever give in to you.
You whom I gave my all to.
I will give into your songs, your words, your lust.
You took all of me away, and tossed me to wait in your grave.

Dawn Michelle

Dawn Michelle

Van Nuys, California
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