Baby Girl Poem by Tosin Adesokan

Baby Girl

Listen! Auxiliary of Men
He was a boy before he met you, but now he's changed to a man

The boy You knew before never knew how take breath away from animals

But with your teaching skills, you've turned the boy to a skillful soul killer

Even without him, his actions and gestures can takeaway a soul of prey that forget to pray

Come over here! , baby girl
I need to tell you some things that will make you see behind the horizon

Look over there, flexible heart
The blame is on me only if I forget to show you things that will make think above imagination

Roll over here, salt of the world
You need to know the reason behind the sour apple that you turned your back to

Good Teachers don't teach without evaluation, you afford not to practice what you are Preaching to his deaf ears

When it's time to drink fromyour cup of love, you did it wrong to took your cup away

He came with populace just to beg you to return the cup
You thought once and broke the cup

He's lost in your world before your switched off the lights
You poisoned the source of the water

Here I come pleading on his behalf
Act right now
Seek repentance

Baby girl!
Initially you trained him
But eventually he will come for you soon.

Friday, March 22, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: lust
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