Homeless But Not Hopeless Poem by Tosin Adesokan

Homeless But Not Hopeless

Rating: 4.5

Years ago, brother made a first class
today, I saw him rolling multiple weeds
because his birth place is a smouldering hell
where people pray not to see another day
where Education is key but leaders changed the padlock
I wonder why the word ' ASSU ' determines future

Last night, I called sister with a view to see her on campus
trembled was I when I heard she's now in Babcock
where students will no longer faint while writing examination
I wonder the arithmetician that divided the country

Some weeks ago, a man was caught with human parts in a broad daylight
days later, he was set free,
contested election and won
the country is a dead river where justice will never emanate
injustice presides over the innocent
I am there, not because I am stuck but nowhere to go

Days after, I heard they shot ' O.G'
only because he dressed extravagantly and had a new laptop
I wonder why ' SARS' equivalent to assassins
I am there and not stuck but got no stock to sell
Although I am homeless but not aimless

J Mike De Prudent 13 February 2020

Love this poem, I wondered why Sars is equivalent to assassin

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Kingsley Egbukole 19 October 2019

The injustice of country called Nigeria. Beautiful poem. Please kindly check my poems HOPE and THE BEAUTY OF DEATH. Kingsley Egbukole

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