Bad Weather Stops Fair Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Bad Weather Stops Fair

By Stanley Collymore

A definitely cold and blustery July day with the wind
uproariously blowing at knots, and so uninviting
is it all that quite literally every living thing:
large or small and capable of independent
movement, is doing its level best, and
why not, to physically counteract
this continuous, boisterous and
wind-wrought aggressively
driven sustained assault.

Not so, however, the numerous and miscellaneous
vaulting seabirds hereabouts in Worthing, who
individually as well as collectively skilfully
engage in their inimitably choreographed
ballet de dance of theirs, as they rather
adeptly and clearly pleasurably ride
the dominant air currents of this
precipitous and quite furiously
developing, summer storm.

The summer fair, as is normally the custom at this
time of year, is currently in town - has been in
location for in excess of a week now and, as
is generally scheduled, will continue for
another ten days or so. But with the
knowledgeable, accurate and forewarned Met
Office forecast prediction of very severe
inclement weather striking this West
Sussex and popular English south
coast, seaside holiday town,
everything in relation to
this spectacular and
widely alluring funfair has,
for this one day, been
anticipatory and

© Stanley V. Collymore
30 July 2019.

Author's Comments:
Inclement weather, particularly in the summer, can be an annoying pain in the posterior; an exasperation that most people will assuredly tell you they can well do without.
But then, that's human nature and, of course, we all of us quite honestly would much prefer there were no hitches in our holiday schedule and that everything started and ended quite swimmingly. And who logically wouldn't want to agree with that clearly self-interested but overall, obviously sensible philosophy?

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