A Most Worthy, Yet Quite Modest Barbadian Demi-Goddess! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

A Most Worthy, Yet Quite Modest Barbadian Demi-Goddess!

By Stanley Collymore

Hail to the excellent Prime Minister of Barbados, the Right
Honourable Mia Amor Mottley, QC, MP and her clever
and totally altruistic team of a quite brilliant, similarly
well-educated Cabinet, and other Government
Ministers, who commendably and in the
good-natured spirit, typical of us proud and helpful
Barbadians, allowed some thirty four in total
number authentic Trinidadian nationals,
unscrupulously turned away by the
Port-of-Spain regime prohibiting
them all from re-entering their
very own country; and like us Barbadians are
all brother and sister, Afro-Caribbeans and
members of CARICOM to unhesitatingly
and officially enter Barbados and stay
there during this white western and
clearly Covid 19 fabricated, very
politically motivated, decidedly
totalitarian, scaremongering,
that has fully been bought
lock, stock and barrel by
Trinidad and Tobago's
brainwashed, white
impressed, and so
fawning regime!

And who concertedly through the very deliberate
and obsequiously fawning actions ordered by
their white billionaire-owned mainstream
media, in respect of these grotesquely
manipulated, totally dim-witted and most
discernibly dumbed-down, undeniably
intellectually challenged, obviously
cap-doffing plebeians in their own
respective nations, and evidently
so in Britain; and who comprise the basis
for the empowerment of these identical
white western political regimes: that
range from being outright Nazi and
Fascist to the similar in mind-set
and expectations bastions of the
ulra-right-wing kind; but with
each, and every conceivable,
one of them, unmistakably
and committedly in their
distinguishing goals are
most comprehensively
fixatedly, totalitarian!

Sensibly and quite logically on your part
Prime Minister Mia Mottley, you as
well as your astutely politically
mature and transparently
intelligent government have resolutely
refused, and all the more so without
your very own trusted, excellent
and Barbadian health applied
testing to, in any way non-
objectively, swallow, as
several countries, like
the twin island state
Trinidad - Tobago
has indifferently
and most whole-
heartedly done.

Consequently this white western proselytized,
relentless, falsely promulgated propaganda
has instead placed the Government of
Barbados, which you so brilliantly
lead as our Prime Minister, as well as our
Barbadian nation in the commendable
position that they are appropriately
in, and furthermore on your joint
parts exhibited not only across
the entirety of the Caribbean
and vitally CARICOM too,
but also globally through
your gracious actions as
most glaringly worthy
exemplification of
unparalleled and
par excellence
peer altruism!

(C)Stanley V. Collymore
28 March 2020.

Author's Remarks:
I personally find it absolutely disgusting that Global South countries which have for centuries been under the jackboots of barbarous European entities in one form or another are still unquestioningly prepared to trust these very same people who have not changed their attitudes or their practices one bit. And that sickeningly one such country is an Afro-Caribbean one where the effects of the Transatlantic Slave Trade are still very palpable,

The government of Trinidad and Tobago has recently banned and is still as I write prohibiting some 34 in number of its citizens from setting foot back in that country until it gets the all-clear from its white western masters that this politically, totalitarian and fabricated pandemic, according to them, is over; by which time having managed through orchestrated fear to subdue their own citizens or subjects, if they happen to be sycophantic British, into surrenering what's currently left of their basic human and civil rights; at which point these western totalitarian regimes will have all the power they need to act comprehensively like the Nazis, Fascists and eugenicists that they really are.

These 34 Trinidadians whom I earlier spoke of aren't expatriates of Trinidad and Tobago; nor are they nations of that country by descent having been born in overseas countries. Far from it! As they're born, bred, raised and living in Trinidad and Tobago nationals who long before the propaganda claptrap pertaining to Covid 19 went abroad on their holidays and among the countries they respectively visited was England. However, on flying back to their native country at the end of their respective holidays the Trinidad and Tobago government barred them from re-entering their own country and quite unconcrnedly left them stranded.

Fortunately for them the Government of Barbados rapidly stepped in, welcomed these enforced refugees to Barbados, had them individually thoroughly screened for Covid 19 - the excuse that the Trinidadian government had given for refusing them permission to go home -found all of these people to be absolutely Covid 19 free and promptly at the highest level informed the Trinidad government of this. However, to no avail! As their country has still refused to let them in. As a result they are still welcomingly staying in Barbados due to the magnanimousaltruism of the Government of Prime Minister Mia Mottley and the quite natural goodwill of the people of Barbados towardstheir fellow Afro-Caribbean and CARICOM brothers and sisters.

No such callousness though to whites who choose to go to Trinidad and Tobago. And prompts the very obvious question, how can a government be so callous to its own nationals while at the same time bending over backwards to facilitate white Caucasians who aren't its nationals?

The people of Trinidad and Tobago must know what they have to do at the next general eletion there, and what this current regime- that loses all credibility in my mind to be called a government - has done amounts to treason. The death penalty, a throwback to colonial times, is still in place in Trinidad and Tobago for treason and other serious crimes; and any new and incoming future government and democratically elected MUST bring these traitorous House Niggers to justice!

meanwhile, I fully extend my sincerest gratitude to Prime Minister Mia Mottley who previously as Leader of the Official Opposition in the continuous 381 year old Barbados Parliament and on the 28th May 2018 became the first ever female Prime Minister of Barbados when most emphatically she secured a massive landslide for her political party, the Barbados Labour Party, in the General Elections by comprehensively winning EVERY seat in the Barbados Parliament - a feat never before accomplished - for being so commendably altruistic and magnanimous to these Trinidadians, and doing so all the more gracefully in the face of their country's obduracy and stupidity.

But this is the general nature of the bsolutely amazing Prime Minister that we have in our beloved Barbados; who oversees a country with avery mature democracy; brilliant Educational and Health Care Systems; where in the latter case Barbados has many more live, active and fit centenarians than any other country in the world; where too our standard of living is that of a thoroughly developed nation, and the incumbent Mia Mottley is an industrious Prime Minister who works assiduously for the good of Barbados, its people and CARICOM, which incidentally is older than the formation of the EU, and from the onset of her taking up office has been absolutely brilliant in everything she astutely undertakes and does.

So here's to our Demi-Goddess: Mia Amor Mottley - our beloved Prime Minister and the absolute epitome of everything that's truly commendable about our cherished homeland, Barbados.

Kumarmani Mahakul 28 March 2020

Structure of this poem is very interesting and attractive. Barbadian Demi-Goddess is given priority and a reader gets much information. This poem has also political aspect. A brilliant poem is amazingly penned and shared.

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de vengenci man 28 March 2020

u should fly out der baby and give dem all a bloode nose and a hard slapee get yor in motion me man, tell dem all they is baddieees and gangsters bad

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