Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore Poems

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Get Real! Get A Life!

Is it really possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never
met that in actuality you’ve never even seen other than
trading selective photographs with them on Facebook
and whose sole means of communication between

Nelson Mandela; A Truly Remarkable Man!

Twenty seven years of personal sacrifice selflessly but
passionately combined with a lifetime of national

Irony Totally Lost On These Lowlife, Racist Dimwits!

By Stanley Collymore

Does anyone else apart from
me think it odd that people

Fair Weather Friend

By Stanley Collymore

Your friendship means the world to me and will remain
Unalterably as solid as any friendship could possibly

A Journey Of Discovery

Once we were total strangers; our individual
existences entirely unknown to each other
and our separate lives complete worlds apart;
yet from that first encounter, not by any
means the easiest of situations, has

Unwed, Pregnant And Abandoned!

Alright, so I’m pregnant! And while I freely admit that
my condition is no more your fault than it is my


By Stanley Collymore

Why is suicide generally frowned
upon and the person who has

By Stanley Collymore

No doubt there are those who
both uncaringly of the true

A Most Worthy, Yet Quite Modest Barbadian Demi-Goddess!

By Stanley Collymore

Hail to the excellent Prime Minister of Barbados, the Right
Honourable Mia Amor Mottley, QC, MP and her clever

By Stanley Collymore

What you hatefully say about other people - particularly those whom you don't know, have never met, and haven't a snowflake in hell's chance of ever doing so - only shows what you're actually like; not those who you pointlessly vilify!

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