Ballad I Poem by Christine de Pizan

Ballad I

My lady, and my sovereign, flower most rare,
In whom honour and worth are glorified,
Fountain of all things wise, gracious, and fair ;
Who art my way toward virtue, and the guide
That over all my goings dost preside ;
Lady, to whom humbly is vowed my fate,
Serving in that sweet service at thy side,
All of my days to thee I dedicate.

How else, since none could with thyself compare ?
Thou Beauty filled with sweetness, O provide
Ensample kindling me to do and dare,
And bring my ship in honour's port to ride !
So sweet my joy, Lady, it cannot hide ;
Therefore, in my simplicity elate,
Out of my heart and body have I cried ;
All of my days to thee I dedicate.

Most noble Duchess, surely the hours prepare
That time, when thou shalt well be certified
How my heart serves thee with its every prayer.
Then shall my life be brimmed and satisfied,
When thou its full devotion having tried
Know'st it all truth ; O honour's path and gate !
Fame's flowering tree ! O valour's starry guide !
All of my days to thee I dedicate.

Princess, who dost in power and praise abide,
Early I learnt to love thee ; and love, being great,
Lifts up my heart above all thought of pride,
All my days, a ', to thee I dedicate.

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