Christine de Pizan Poems

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Ballad Iv

Farewell, my lady dear and dread,
Farewell, of all sovereign and queen,
Farewell, perfect and sacred head,

Love To The Lady

Your vanity is crazy, sweet and fair girl. Do
you believe that Love will let your youth go by
without your devoting yourself to the pleasures

I Yield My Heart

I yield my heart, vouchsafe my service space
That to my lady I suffice alone,
Peing all hers, and that her beauteous face

Very God Of Love

Very God of Love, who art of lovers Lord,
And Venus, thou, Love's Lady and Goddess,
Since in love only is set my happiness,

The Lady

Come to me, sweetest friend, at the usual hour,
do not fail to come, for the gossip mongers want

Ballad I

My lady, and my sovereign, flower most rare,
In whom honour and worth are glorified,
Fountain of all things wise, gracious, and fair ;

Ballad Xiv

Ah, Death, Death, Death, to thee I make my prayer !
Come, rend me from this dolorous world apart !
Life lures no longer : since my lady fair

Ballad Xxii

When I see these lovers true
Exchanging looks so sweetly
Between themselves, and a few
Sweet glances, soft and gently,


Sweet, in whom my joy must be,
Now my heart is full of glee

For thy love : and loosed from care

Roundel I

When you are come, joy is so all complete,
The heart leaps in my breast, beholding you,
O flower of beauty, O rose fresh and new,

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